Stefano De Martino in Venice 79 without Belen: because he is invited

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The former Amici competitor and presenter arrived in these hours at the Lido, where the prestigious film festival is taking place

Published on 1 September 2022

Stefano De Martino has officially made a few hours peek at the Venice Film Festivalwhich in 2022 celebrates its 79th edition. The former competitor of Friends he landed at the Lido in the morning, very elegant, after arriving yesterday evening in the splendid Venetian city, as he told via Instagram Stories.

On the social media, last August 31, De Martino first published a very suggestive image from the terrazza of the hotel where he is staying, with a truly breathtaking view of the Venetian lagoon. Subsequently, the conductor from Campania revealed the reason why he will be present at the Festival: like many other celebrities, in fact, Stefano De Martino was not invited to the festival for reasons, so to speak, “cinematographic”, but as an influencer. For those who are wondering why De Martino is at the Venice Film Festival, know that the dancer is present there as a ambassador for the Lexus brandwhich is sponsoring via Instagram.

Before arriving in Venice Stefano De Martino wrote on Instagram: I went back and in the mailbox I found this, an anonymous note for me: “See you in Venice, come disguised”. To Venice. Masked. Ok! “. The “mask” that he eventually wore is very respectable: on the red carpet of the Lido, where he arrived escorted by the classic speedboat taxi, the former dancer showed off a splendid outfit Armani.


For the particularly prestigious occasion, De Martino has decided to focus on sobriety. Giorgio Armani made for him the classic tuxedo, shiny black shoes and a large bow tie to complete the look.

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Stefano De Martino alone in Venice without Belen: what happened to his partner?

Participation in the Venice Film Festival 79 is obviously a strictly business commitment. There is therefore no reason to “worry” if Belen Rodriguezwith whom he recently got back together, was absent.

Belen, in fact, had other very important commitments to attend to in Milan. While her partner arrived at the Lido, the model accompanied their eldest son, Santiago, on his first day of school. Yesterday afternoon, when Stefano de Martino was traveling, Belen also spent an afternoon of shopping in the center, with a stop at the Apple Store in Piazza Liberty.

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