Iginio Massari, have you seen the 6-tier cake made for Federica Pellegrini?

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Among the most beautiful weddings of this summer 2022 there is certainly the very recent one of Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta celebrated at the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa. The 6-tier cake, prepared by the famous pastry chef Iginio Massari, did not go unnoticed.

Federica Pellegrini And Matteo Giunta they said to themselves Yup, with a splendid ceremony celebrated in Venice. A dream party, which ended up in all the gossip newspapers, where they stood out the beauty and happiness of the protagoniststhe clothes and the elegance, the fairytale location, but also therea wedding cake that enchanted everyone.

Was Iginio Massari to prepare it for the newlyweds and together with all his staff, he dedicated himself to making this very important day special for the champion and her coach. As the pastry chef himself declared a lacucinaitaliana.it the cake was created for represent Federica Pellegrini, and it was full of symbolism.

The wedding cake

“Symbolism has always been stronger than the alphabet, as it encompassed a whole thought and was easier to remember.” Massari commented with sympathy, present at the wedding with his daughter Debora.

The pie was made from sponge cake, pistachio cream, vanilla cream, a compote of raspberries and vanilla. Six floors for one meter and 70 in height plus 22 centimeters of bouquet. A monument of sweetness, created to give musical chewability, thanks to the presence of the crunchy, based on lightly toasted dried fruit.

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Six floors against Venetian humidity

The cake was also prepared to counter the Venetian humidity. In fact, its sugar compound was able to withstand the high humidity and was worked in a subtle way and modeled with care, to give a realistic effect with the veins of the flower petals that adorned the cake.

White sugar magnolias, with yellow and pink shades in fact have graced the six floors of goodness and would not have lasted had they not been worked with care. “Of course, we could have made them in tablets, it would be easier on Saturday, but they are not good since to eat”. She let the pastry chef know.

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