Who are Fedez’s parents and what do they do? All about Chiara Ferragni’s in-laws

Who are Fedez’s parents and what do they do? All about Chiara Ferragni’s in-laws
Who are Fedez’s parents and what do they do? All about Chiara Ferragni’s in-laws
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Who are Fedez’s parents? Here is everything you didn’t know about the origins of the rapper and husband of Chiara Ferragni.

In recent years, the Milanese rapper Fedez has achieved unprecedented musical success. Federico Lucia is now also a star of social networks and this is also thanks to his wife Chiara Ferragni, the most famous Italian entrepreneur ever. Today Fedez is not only one of the most famous singers but also an entrepreneur and promoter of many successful brands. We recently saw him driving Lol once again – Laughing is out on Amazon Prime Video but not only.

After sharing the news of his illness to fans, the singer underwent a delicate operation on his pancreas. At that time, the support of his fans was fundamental but his wife’s love was never lacking alongside him. The two have two children and often share moments of their daily life. Less is known about his family of origin, except for his grandmother who is now a national star. So let’s find out who his parents are and where his talent for music came from.

Fedez: that’s who his parents are

Federico is originally from the Province of Milan and was born in 1989. Raised in Buccinasco, the singer is an only child and his parents have always been a point of reference in his life. The singer’s family has very humble origins. His father Franco Lucia worked as a goldsmith for many years and then devoted himself to the profession of warehouseman. Her mother, on the other hand, is Annamaria Berrinzaghi and today she has a very important role in the career of her son. His family therefore does not have particularly well-to-do origins but has always lived in normality facing what are the common sacrifices of many Italians.

Fedez has stated in the past that he paid off all of his family’s debts when he started earning his first money with his music. Today his mother is his manager and takes care of his commitments and also of his contacts. The two parents, however, do not like to appear on the social networks of the artist who almost never shares photos with his mother and father. However, their bond remains unchanged and above all the gratitude that the artist has towards her parents.


Probably it will be precisely because of his humble origins that Federico is often the promoter of social initiatives aimed at safeguarding not only the health sector but also the social one. Impossible to forget the singer’s great commitment during the pandemic for all workers in the Italian entertainment world.

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