Elisabetta Gregoraci, those legs never end: it leaves everyone in stone

Elisabetta Gregoraci, those legs never end: it leaves everyone in stone
Elisabetta Gregoraci, those legs never end: it leaves everyone in stone

Explosive, elegant, beautiful: it can only be her, Elisabetta Gregoraci, who has really exaggerated this time on Instagram.

Showgirl, presenter and former Calabrian model, the beautiful Elisabetta Gregoraci, is much loved by the Italian public, certainly for its beauty, but also for its enormous sympathy. For several years now, the splendid girl from Soverato has conquered TV and the web and today, she is also very popular on social networks.

Elisabetta Gregoraci (ANSA)

She couldn’t help but have a profile too, which with those curves has made Italians dream for years. And so, from the catwalks to the TV, now the wonderful 42-year-old continues to amaze on Instagram, where she recently showed up with a really mini red costume, and more. This way, the followers can only grow further.

Elisabetta Gregoraci increasingly in shape: all to be admired

For years and until recently, Elizabeth co-led Made in South, program that has had her in its ranks for five years. For two instead, that is, in 2020 and 2021, she led Live beats on Italy 1. In 2021, she was also sworn in for the Gold sequinwhile the year before, she was among the most talked about contestants of the Big Brother VIP, for an alleged love story to which the Calabrian has never followed up.

In the past, the gorgeous class of 80s with a crazy physique, has also acted, which she hasn’t done for a while. The sky in a roomhis first film in 1999, followed by There was a Chinese in a coma of 2000. Then, again small parts in Do you feel that I am Calabrian? – Franco’s adventures in the north!, My father Jack, Mata Hari, Made in China from Naples, Ammen and finally,
Aspromonte – The land of the least in 2019.

True, now she has been missing from the big screen for a long time, but the gorgeous showgirl makes up for it, with posts like the one with the very tight bikini, which not only makes heads spin, but certainly makes all 1.9 million followers agree. The same ones, who today also find another nice surprise, five different photos, but all breathtaking, of their beloved Elisabetta. In a, legs are absolutely to be admired, while between bikinis and tight dresses, the décolleté several times it risks overflowing. In short, a jolt with every photo, it is certainly not easy to remain calm when she is posting.

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