Ilary Blasi, costume test passed: caught on the beach, polka dot costume and statuesque body

Ilary Blasi is about to close this long edition of L’Isola dei Famosi. Summer has arrived and for Francesco Totti’s beautiful wife all that remains is to pack up to go on vacation. Although on the net there are already many shots in which she already appears in a bikini and in perfect beach girl style.

Since it debuted on television as a letter from Word of mouth, Ilary Blasi it never stopped. The beautiful Roman blonde not only won the heart of the former Roma captain, Francesco Totti, but also that of the public at home.

Today Ilary she is a very good TV host, a wife very attached to her husband and a mother of three. But she always remains the beautiful girl who never goes unnoticed on the beach.

Ilary Blasi’s beginnings

Born in Rome on April 28, 1981, Ilary Blasi has been attracted to the world of entertainment since she was a childwhen she was already accompanied by her mother to participate in castings for commercials.

Growing up, she kept going alone, determined to make her dream come trueuntil she managed to join the dance troupe of Word of mouth, becoming a letter. Those were the years in which footballers began to be on a par with stars, often featured on the covers of gossip newspapers, for their love affairs with the girls of television and fashion.

In a bikini with beach shoes

Ilary while trying to keep away from those stereotypes in the end he met Francesco Totti and the rest is history. Today the two are a beautiful couple, they have built a family and despite the recent (rather high-sounding) rumors of their alleged crisis, they are more united than ever. Meanwhile Ilary Blasi has made her way into the world of television and with the advent of social media she has also become an Influencer. Her Instagram profile has her assets far beyond that 1 million followers.

Here there are many photos that show it in all its beauty. Like the one that immortalizes it in bikini, ponytail and sunglasseswhile he is playing a game of beach tennis.

For now Ilary is still committed toIsland of the Famous, which, however, is coming to an end. By now the names of the competitors who will go to the final have been announced and that is Luca Daffrè, Maria Laura De Vitiis, Carmen Di Pietro, in addition to the already known Nicolas Vaporidis. Mercedesz Henger and Nick of the Country Cousins, on the other hand, are on televoting.

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