Big Brother Vip, in the cast a Spanish rapper? The latest gossip

Big Brother Vip, in the cast a Spanish rapper? The latest gossip
Big Brother Vip, in the cast a Spanish rapper? The latest gossip

New rumors about the cast of the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip. It seems that Alfonso Signorini has set his sights on a Spanish rapper and presenter.

It will debut on September 19th, in prime time on Channel 5the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip and all eyes are on the cast of the new season. Alfonso Signorini it is drawing on all of its sources, and it appears there will be among the competitors Chadia RodriguezSpanish rapper and presenter much loved in Italy.

Big Brother Vip, Chadia Rodriguez: who is the new candidate to the cast?

There is great curiosity about the cast of the Big Brother Vip which, since it ended with the victory of Jessica Selassié, has become the main topic in the gossip salons, since everyone wants to know who will be the new Vipponi who will cross the red door of Cinecittà. In recent weeks, several gossip have taken place, including what he would have liked the presence of Gemma Galgani and Giorgio Manetti in the cast – subsequently denied as well as that of Federico Fashion Style – or the appointment a first official competitor from Guendalina Canessa and the almost certain presence of Asia Gianesea young and popular influencer on Instagram.

To the Gf Vip there may also be Alvaro Vitali And Antonino Spinalbesethe ex of Belen Rodriguez, while it seems increasingly difficult to convince Mediaset to accept the return of Pamela Prati, after the chaos for the Mark Caltagirone affair and the legal question with Barbara d’Urso. A few hours ago, Biccy spread a new rumor, ensuring that he is sure that Gentlemen he also contacted Chadi Rodriguezpopular rapper and Spanish organ presenter who leads on Discovery “Sex, Lies & Chadia“.

Born in Spain in 1998, half of Moroccan origins, Chadia has adopted the surname Rodriguez but has nothing to do with Belen and her family, being the real surname of the presenter Darnakh. At the moment, always according to the scoop, Chadia she would have taken the audition and would have liked it very much a Gentlemenbut he still hasn’t signed a real contract.

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