Roberta Capua, has succumbed to the surgeon’s hands: finally the harsh reality

Roberta Capua has a long career as a journalist and presenter behind her. It all started from there, from that Miss Italy contest that changed her life. From that moment on, a world opened up for the beautiful and very young Neapolitan girl where she always knew how to be ready. There are those who have always asked if behind her the beauty of her there was something artificial, here is finally the truth!

It will keep us company in this long hot summer. With Gianluca Semprini leads Summer live, on Rai Uno. Behind her she already has a long career as a journalist and presenter, which began very young, after that event that changed her life. – ​​(Source: Google)

A life that she always wanted to keep under control. Not only work, but also a private life where feelings and family have always played a primary role. Around her figure, references to possible aesthetic touches could not be missing to further improve her already considerable beauty.

But is it really so, did Roberta Capua resort to cosmetic surgery? Here is the truth.

Roberta Capua and her Naples

Naples is her city and it was there that she was born in 1968. In 1986 one event after another changed her life. Before her the classical maturity then the participation in the Miss Italy contest where she was the winner. How Miss Italy participates, the following year, in the Miss Universe Contest, finishing in second place. Thus began her modeling career, which allows her to travel the world and to parade on the most prestigious catwalks.

Even gossip began to take an interest in her when she discovered her relationship with the well-known Italian swimmer Massimiliano Rosolino. She got married Giorgio Restelli and then, in second marriage, Stefano Cassoli. From their union, in 2008, little Leonardo was born. For this reason, to devote himself to his family, he abandoned the video for some time. Also Roberta Capua was asked the fateful question: Have you ever resorted to cosmetic surgery?

We have the real answer. Here she is.

A natural beauty

Despite the 1986 victory of the title of Miss Italy and second place in the Miss Universe pageant someone speculated that behind the beauty of Roberta Capua there was something unnatural, that perhaps he had allowed himself the freedom of a retouch. We can assure you that the beautiful Neapolitan conductor is all natural.

And then do you know who Roberta Capua’s mother is? The Neapolitan presenter is the daughter of Marisa Jossawhich became Miss Italy in 1959. A Miss Italy daughter of a Miss Italy. How can one think that a beautiful woman with such DNA has had cosmetic surgery?

(Source: Google)

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