Andrea does not give up, but for Carlo and William he is now a pariah

Andrea does not give up, but for Carlo and William he is now a pariah
Andrea does not give up, but for Carlo and William he is now a pariah

The Prince Andrew is a kind of pariah in the royal family. Prince Charles and eldest son William fear the monarchy may collapse under the weight of its scandals. So they strongly oppose his every request to return to the life before the Epstein case. The Duke of York is isolated, exiled by his own family to the royal palaces, but he has no intention of surrendering.

Prince Andrew, a danger to the Crown

Prince Andrew seems to have disappeared from the radar. He missed the Platinum Jubilee for the Queen’s 70-year reign due to Covid. In fact, even if he had been healthy, he would probably only have attended the National Service of Thanksgiving in St. Paul on June 3rd. Prince Charles and Prince William are trying to keep the Duke of York as far away from the spotlight as possible, aware of the fact that each of his appearances feeds the anger of the British people, threatening the future of the Crown. After all, Andrea closed the story of the alleged violence against Virginia Giuffre with a 12 million euro agreement, effectively precluding the search for truth through a process that would have caused damage to the image of the royal family anyway. A labyrinthine situation. Now of the Duke of York, who retired to private life in November 2019 and from whom the sovereign removed his military ranks, patronages and the treatment of royal height in January 2022, we only have stolen photos that immortalize him driving his car (the last shot in chronological order dates back to 20 June 2022). Yet Andrea would not have given up and would want his life back.

The mystery of Westminster Abbey

On March 29, Prince Andrew accompanied the Queen to her place in Westminster Abbey, to take part in the function in memory of the Prince Philip. A bold move that provoked the discontent of the British and the ire of the Windsors. It is not clear whether it was the sovereign who granted him this honor, if the prince asked for it. Or, even, if he has arrogated to himself the privilege of walking next to his mother, taking advantage of the moment of maximum media attention, during which Charles and William could not openly oppose. The Mirror reported in this regard: “[Carlo e William] they are dismayed and dismayed “. A Source revealed: “A good number [di persone] believes that, as the events unfolded, [Andrea] is manipulating his position for his own interests. His reputation precedes him and he has made no secret of not being ready to step aside, as everyone would like him to do ”. In any case, having escorted His Majesty does not at all mean that the Duke of York has been forgiven. “The duke was not excluded from family events”, a Source told the Times. Still, it is questionable that he played a central role in Westminster, rather than a secluded place where he could hardly be noticed.

Andrea tries again, but the family puts him in a corner

“In the mind [di Andrea] the situation, with all the accusations and the trial, is now closed… “. The duke is sure he still has “A lot to offer” and would not even think of “Sit at home and do nothing until the end of his days”, as an insider told the Mirror. Prince Andrew believes the Epstein scandal is a closed chapter in his life. However, the compensation to Giuffre does not play in his favor, on the contrary it binds a double thread and forever to the businessman who committed suicide. Doubt and suspicion will walk with him to the end. But Andrea, hoping to take back his public life, his duties and his titles, would have tried all the same to participate in Garter Day on 13 June last. Failed mission. “By family decision”which translated would mean by the will of the Prince of Galles and the Duke of Cambridge, the Duke of York would have been forbidden to be seen at the event. It is not excluded that this choice of the heir to the throne and of his son was also a kind of revenge against Andrea after the controversies of March 29, 2022 at Westminster Abbey.

The background of Garter Day

According to the Times Andrea would be “angry” for being excluded from the Garter Dayas he is still a member of the prestigious Order of the Garter and since the Royal Ascot event, but would have accepted the will of the family “Without making a fuss”. For the Mirror, however, the duke would even be “furious”while a Source told the Sun: “Andrea is desperately trying to rebuild his life and wants his titles back, but he is furious at Charles and William for thwarting his plans. He doesn’t want to talk to them. The battle line has been drawn and he has cast a shadow over the summer at Balmoral ”. Another Source explained to the Telegraph: “The title of Colonel of the Grenadier Guards is the most important of those [di Andrea] and he wants it back. He is still a State Councilor and believes he should be included in official events “. But Prince William “Was adamant. If the Duke of York had insisted on attending the public event, he would have canceled [la sua partecipazione]”an insider told Evening Standard. “… The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge… don’t want that [Andrea] return to public life. Point”another person close to the court told Express. The Duke of York is a cause of embarrassment, of scandal. He has become unpresentable.

No assignments for Eugenia and Beatrice

The Duke of York would have another desire besides that of returning to public life: to see his daughters become “working members” of the royal family. The princesses have always remained on the sidelines during the scandal that engulfed their father. “They are very distressed”expert Richard Fitzwilliams said, but the drama they experienced wouldn’t have a “impact” devastating on their daily lives because the girls have no official positions in the firm. “I don’t think their situation will change in the near future. They have jobs, families and are not royals in official positions, although they perform public duties from time to time “, said the expert. But there is also another reason why princesses are unlikely to win a prominent place in the family: opposition from Charles and the Duke of Cambridge. The heir to the throne would like to realize his idea of ​​a monarchy “Slim” with prominent members of the dynasty. “[Il principe William] he is on the same wavelength as his father, as he always has been and always will be “, an insider pointed out to the Express. Another person close to the royals specified to the Daily Mail: “[William] it is related to its cousins… but [loro] they have their families, careers and [William] he thinks it’s okay… They will always be included in family moments, but that is very different from having official roles ”.

Another “tile” for Andrea

The nightmare was not entirely over for the prince. A woman, named Caroline Kaufman, allegedly was raped by Epstein in December 2010, when he was 17. It seems that Andrea was in the New York home of the suicidal businessman on the very night that the incident happened. That’s why Kaufman’s lawyers would like the prince to testify in court. The Duke of York is not accused of anything, but this story could be a new poison dart against his already shattered reputation. “[Il principe Andrea] is destroyed and confused ” because of the family’s ostracism, an insider told Omid Scobie, co-author of the book “Finding Freeedom”, but “The reluctance [della Corona] totally removing Prince Andrew from all aspects of royal life is harming the family… Any chance given to Prince Andrew to try to rehabilitate his image is a step towards further damage and shame for the monarchical institution. A disaster foretold ”.

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