Elisabetta Gregoraci combines it big, the fans are stunned

Elisabetta Gregoraci combines it big, the fans are stunned
Elisabetta Gregoraci combines it big, the fans are stunned

Elisabetta Gregoraci this time combines it really big, on social even her many fans are stunned.

We return once again to talk about the Calabrian showgirl that the public has certainly learned to know due to the many programs she has been the protagonist of, yet what she has left astonished is what she herself has shown on social media in the past. A situation that seems to have gotten slightly out of hand, a detail on which even the person directly concerned makes a healthy irony.


But before you find out what it is, in this period the young woman returned in prime time with the new edition of Beats Live which always prove to be a great success.

But let’s go back to our main topic and let’s try to understand specifically what the young woman has done that is so striking: it is something not to be believed.

Elisabetta Gregoraci displaces: “Something got out of hand”

Elisabetta Gregoraci she does not stop being a true protagonist at least for all her fans but this time it is not about her screaming physique that she never misses an opportunity to show off even on social media but of a moment in which the situation seems to have definitely got out of hand.

All this happened in her Instagram stories in which she very often shares some moments of her days with her fans, which she did also in this case showing herself intent on taking a beautiful bath in the tub but with a little unexpected surprise.

“Something is getting out of hand. A little too many bubbles “ these are the words that she herself adds as a caption to the photo while she is in the hot tub and again: “The usual bungler, I exaggerated a little “ he then closed by showing the large amount of soap that has come out and which he certainly had no intention of provoking or at least not in that way. In short, a really small hitch for the young woman who perhaps not everyone knows how old she is and that even in this case she showed herself in all her naturalness, without any kind of deception.

Having said that, her success really continues to be unstoppable as well as the great love of her audience for her and who knows what the commitments that await her after the summer: certainly the expectations of those who follow her will not be disappointed in any way. .

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