the couple is in seventh heaven

They met at the Canale 5 dating show: Claudia and Lorenzo are now expecting a child. The happy announcement came to confirm the rumors that were already circulating on the web.

It is a totally televised couple. The two young people met a Men and women, while participating as competitors, during the 2018-2019 edition. Galeotto was therefore the program by Maria De Filippi, which is not new to these phenomena. Claudia’s possible pregnancy had already been snaking for a few weeks. The most obvious signs were traceable on Instagram Stories, where Claudia did not reveal herself entirely, but as if she were hiding something. The suspicions were also corroborated by the silence of the couplewho discovered the pregnancy on April 19, so far preferring not to make any statements on the matter.
Lorenzo and Claudia represent one of the few couples who managed to stay together, despite the end of participation to the program of Maria De Filippi. Another similar case in the past involved Rosa Perrotta and Pietro Tartaglione, who had two children.

Lorenzo and Claudia have posted great messages joy and happiness on social networks. In particular, Lorenzo has also published a selfie framing him with a pregnancy test in his hand.

The future parents, Claudia and Lorenzo, announced the pregnancy:
” Was a day like any other when we discovered that you were there… a drop of life was growing inside of me and we were incredulous ”, two young people announced the news on their respective social profiles. In the video of the announcement Claudia and Lorenzo were together at the beach, intent on kissing and exchanging tenderness typical of lovers. An avalanche of enthusiastic and auspicious comments flooded the couple’s profiles.

At the first part of the news, a further message echoed:
“But then from that machine we heard the beat of the your little heart and it was the most beautiful thing in the world we could hear. You will make our love stronger, our home happier … “Dad and Mom already love you madly and are waiting for you more than ever” – concluded the two young people.

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