“It’s Briatore’s fault if …”

Elisabetta Gregoraci (instagram)

Elisabetta Gregoraci she is one of the most loved women in the entertainment world. Her career began when she was very young and, within a few years, she managed to win over many people who learned to know her day after day. Of course, she too was often a victim of prejudice due to her marriage with Flavio Briatore, which took place when she was very young and he was already a little later in life.

Elisabetta Gregoraci: the burning confession about her past and men

For a long time she was accused of being just a social climber, but when she took part in the Big Brother Vip two years ago, she was able to really talk about this situation for the first time.

Elisabetta Gregoraci (instagram)

In fact, she said she suffered a lot for what happened, because she was very much in love with Flavio but he was a rather absent husband because of his work and that in this marriage he suffered a lot. When she lost her mom a few years ago, she realized she wanted to put a definitive end to their relationship: the best decision she could make.

Elizabeth has now found a way to be reborn, today she is a new woman and there is only one man in her life: the son. In fact, she was no longer able to find love after her Flavio, with whom she still remained on good terms. Why she never found a man again?

Elizabeth explained it: unfortunately, men are afraid of her and her past. However, we are talking about the ex-wife of a very important man, who has an almost teenage son and many responsibilities. It is not easy to find someone who can make her feel like a woman and who does not behave fearfully in the presence of her. Be that as it may, she would really love to be able to fall in love once again.

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