Harry and William too different to get along

Harry and William too different to get along
Harry and William too different to get along

The relationship between the princes William and Harry does not seem to reach a point of serenity, indeed the two brothers seem more and more distant and, according to the real experts, less and less willing to mend it. And to think that even the Princess Diana he had foreseen a relationship with ups and downs between his children, victims, according to him, of the education that the Royal Family was imposing on them. So Meghan has nothing to do with itit was just the fuse of a bomb ready to explode.

William and Harry: the difficult relationship that has always existed

The expert Ingrid Seward has no doubts: according to the biographer of the English royal family William and Harry never really got along. What united them was the tragedy they had experienced with the loss of their mother Diana, but there have always been so many problems to separate them.

We have always seen them united in public ceremonies (at least until Megxit), but in intimacy, again according to Seward, who has joined so many known pieces, there has never been a true relationship of friendship and confidence.

“The principles in private life were very different from how we saw them in public,” he tells Express. “There have always been frictions between them, because in the royal family there was a brother from Serie A and one from Serie B“.

In fact, explains the royalist, the education imparted to the two boys was very different: we always tried to draw a clear line between William, the heir to the throne, and Harry, not destined for any important position. A diversity that weighed, especially on Harry, who felt “rejected” on several occasions. Not only that, the royal family has allowed the great to be described as the perfect son for many years, and the little one like the rebel gets into trouble.

Yet, according to other rumors, the problems between the two would have exacerbated already after Diana’s death when William wasn’t going to take care of his younger brother. Indeed, it would have been the future King to drag Eaton the very young Harry into bad friends, bringing him closer to the addiction of smoking and alcohol, without lifting a finger to help him.

The arrival of Kate Middleton, and the choice of the Crown to always send them together to support their causes, would have brought them closer. Until the final break in 2018, when William strongly opposed the engagement between his brother and Meghan Markleeven coming to put in the middle even the uncle Charles Spencer, brother of Diana, who however took the side of the younger nephew.

Meghan was the last straw of a disastrous relationship which, according to Ingrid Seward and other experts (including our Antonio Caprarica), should also be sought in the absence of Carlowho in their adolescence had “little time” to be a father, not mending the relationship that was gradually tearing between the children.

Diana had foreseen the confrontations between Harry and William

A conflict between first-born and second-born it was clear to Lady Diana too. The Princess accused, according to people close to her, Charles and the royal family of make disparity between the twowhile she tried to make them feel the same.

Also because, as it has been known for several years, the boys’ mother he found Harry more suitable than William for the role of ruler. It has never been hidden that the relationship between Diana and the eldest of the boys was difficult: Will was very similar to Carlo’s family, he preferred to spend time with them, and he was colder than Harry, who for many is the true heir of his mother.

The tensions between the then children, which were manifesting themselves more and more in Lady D’s eyes every day, are also confirmed by a bodyguard, who told a very particular anecdote, collected in the book Battle of Brothers by royal biographer Robery Lacey.

William and Harry were on their way from London to Highgrove, and they started arguing. Diana and her nanny couldn’t stop them. According to this anecdote Harry, who was 4 at the time, turned to William stating that, since he wasn’t going to be King, he could do whatever he wanted. A statement that sent her mother into a rage, that she did not understand where her son had heard certain things.

Harry already knew that he was excluded from everything, and this he could only have learned from the Windsors, who already instilled in the two their differences. Diana has always tried to keep them together, but fate was not on her side.

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