Can Yaman “avoids” a competitor of the latest edition of Gf Vip

Can Yaman “avoids” a competitor of the latest edition of Gf Vip
Can Yaman “avoids” a competitor of the latest edition of Gf Vip

It would seem that the relationship between Diletta Leotta And Can Yaman. As reported by Dagospia, the Turkish actor, in Sardinia for Filming Italy 2022, would have avoided meeting his ex-girlfriend. The couple, who have been together for several months since the end of 2020, would have left, according to what they have told in the past, due to strong media pressure and for having overstepped the stages. Throughout their relationship, Can Yaman And Diletta Leotta they have also been accused of orchestrating it in favor of cameras and glossy magazines. Rumor that the two have always rejected the sender.

There Leotta however, she would not be the only person the actor would have avoided. He would have made sure not to even meet Kabir Bedicompetitor of the latest edition of Gf Vip:

Can Yaman flew to Sardinia to participate in Filming Italy, rumor has it that the Turkish actor, much loved by the female and social audience, avoided meeting two people at the event. Primarily with the ex-girlfriend Diletta Leotta and also with the actor Kabir Bediin this case thanks to the “Sandokan” project of which traces have been lost.

The portal of Roberto D’Agostino he then reported another very juicy indiscretion relating to Can. In fact, it would seem that the Daydreamer actor had a pleasant chat with a well-known actress from Il Paradiso delle Signore, the fiction broadcast on Rai Uno. It would be Francesca Del Rewho in the soap plays the role of the cynical Irene Cipriani.

According to the gossip reports, in an old interview Francesca she would have told of being engaged to a person who is not part of the entertainment world. Very confidential, there is no other news about it.

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