“Estefania Bernal has violated the rules” / Unveiled the strategy after the Island of the Famous!

“Estefania Bernal has violated the rules” / Unveiled the strategy after the Island of the Famous!
“Estefania Bernal has violated the rules” / Unveiled the strategy after the Island of the Famous!

Lory Del Santo unmasks Estefania Bernal: “To conquer the group …”

Lory Del Santo gave an interview to Novella2000. The former castaway from the Isola dei Famosi has drawn up an assessment of his experience, revealing an unprecedented background on Estefania Bernal. The woman revealed that the model would have violated the rules of the Island of the Famous. In fact, she explained: ““To conquer the group that attacked her when the four of us won the pantry reserved for us, as soon as we arrived on the island, she had given Nicolas and the others half of the food, going against the spirit of the reality show. I didn’t point it out so as not to make the whole group lose focus “, he clarified.

According to Lory, the castaway would try to keep her companions good just to get on with the game. It is not the first time that Estefania has been accused of strategy. Lory Del Santo does not send them to say even to Guendalina Tavassi with whom it is rumored that there was also a clash behind the scenes in one of the last episodes of the reality show: “Gwendolyn was unfair and tried to bribe everyone to get advantages.”

Lory Del Santo disappointed by Marco Cucolo: “She preferred to do strategy and …”

Lory Del Santo she then went back to talking about her relationship with Marco Cucolo. The woman had left him live after the model had decided not to take a stand on her. Lory had been heavily attacked by the castaways but Cucolo hadn’t lifted a finger in her favor. Lory in this regard stated: “When I was eliminated he disappointed me. He preferred to strategize and lean towards the worst group in order not to be voted on. I never expected it: I have to think at this point that the game comes before me. I hope to forgive him but for now it is not like that “.

Lory Del Santo was targeted by the castaways during her journey. To date, however, the woman has understood the reason for so much fury and in the interview with Novella 2000 she explains: “They understood that I was a tough nut to crack and that only by attacking me as a group would they be able to take me out. They applied a system that provided for impropriety and malice ”.


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