Terrible accident for Prince Harry, shocked bystanders. Its conditions

A terrible accident involved Prince Harry, a terrible fall that left everyone present terrified and terrified.

Prince Harry’s situation is of particular concernlately for him it is not an easy time and it seems that almost everything leads to failure, if not worse.

A particularly painful situation occurred very recently just when Queen Elizabeth, her grandmother and great-grandmother of her second child Lilibet, categorically refused to have a souvenir photo taken with her baby, something that devastated Prince Harryalways the favorite of his majesty.

Since Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have decided to abandon the life of the court and therefore the Royal Family, relations have been increasingly falling apart, not to mention the statements made by the dukes of Sussex which have even more fueled the indiscretions and evil tongues that were already snaking around the most famous royal house in the world.

One thing that has remained unchanged in the life of Prince Harry is his passion for the game of polo, despite having moved to California the scion of the house Windsor continues to practice the sport that has accompanied him in all phases of his growth in the Kingdom United.

Place that gave him birth and that recently saw his return for the celebrations of Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II for her 70 years of reign, but the return didn’t exactly go as expected.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry, the index and the deep pain

The Dukes of Sussex have recently returned to London to pay homage to Prince Harry’s grandmother, not that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her 70 years on the throne of England. what they couldn’t expect was that their return would go so badly.

As previously mentioned the queen categorically denied a souvenir photo with the little Lillibet of only one yearsome rumors speak of a refusal by the staff on the grounds that the queen was indisposed at that time.

The expert of the royal house, Angela Levin talked about this fact during an interview by going into the details of the story, “Harry and Meghan wanted to see the queen as soon as possible, so she got them on the first day. She walked in, then they asked if they had brought their photographer and if they could take a picture with Lilibet, and she said: ‘No, absolutely not possible’ ”.

Prince Harry

This refusal it was a blow to Prince Harry feeling a strong sense of disappointment, but this is not all, in fact immediately after he had to face a frightening accident.

The frightening indicative of Prince Harry

As reported by corriereadriatico, the prince Harry was faced with a disastrous fall from his horse just as he was competing for a charity tournament with the Los Padres team at the Cancha de Estrella Polo Club in Santa Barbara, a few days ago it happened that he took everyone’s breath away.

What followed the frightening fall were moments of pure terror, because he himself, with a great experience in riding, fell to the ground suddenly unsaddled from the horse.

Prince Harry

After a few moments in which everyone held their breath, luckily Harry got up unscathed, even if in the end the prince’s team lost, the relief was great for him who came out unscathed from the bad accident.

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