Lory Del Santo loses her aplomb and insults him: she blurts out

The soubrette Lory Del Santo lashes out at a former companion of adventure: rags fly after the experience in Honduras.

Lory Del Santo (Source youtube)

The showgirl Lory Del Santo has just returned from a long and eventful adventure in Cayo Cochinos. Since his arrival in Honduras with his partner Marco Cucolothe actress and director the hard core has antagonized itself of the group of islanders, facing from episode to episode vitriolic comments and fiery recriminations ..

After his elimination, Lory returned to Italy, and her debut in Ilary Blasi’s studio took shape at least crackling. The soubrette has indeed left her boyfriend Marco Cucolo on live television, only to retrace his steps after a brief parenthesis. At the moment the couple would be cohesive and complicit again, but Lory takes advantage of the spotlight to take off another one pebble from the shoeand this time he lashes out Luca Daffrè: let’s see what he said.

Lory Del Santo on Luca Daffrè: “It’s pathetic and depressing!”

Luca Daffrè (Source youtube)

The showgirl gave a detailed interview to the newspaper “Novella 2000”. When asked about her relationship with her former companion, she did not hesitate to crush him with animosity. In fact, you reported: “Without him my life is better. The most slimy and soldhe transformed a physical compliment that I gave him by saying that I wanted to buy it so as not to be named. Talking to him is pathetic and depressing. A suburban bumblebee, bad!“. He then added: “He was nicknamed ‘chupa-chupa‘that is, lollipops, because he flattered Nicolas Vaporidis to be accepted by the group. And speaking of him, he was the ambassador of falsehood, but if I like that, that’s okay too. I don’t respect him. “.

Lory’s thesis is very precise: the showgirl believes that the ex-partner is a skilled strategist, and that he has paved the way by supporting the strongest of the group. She reports “Isa and Chia”: “They won’t let you be unless you get under them and become their pawn, which I didn’t do. There are many people who have chosen this path, like Luca Daffré, instead Gennaro Auletto said: ‘No, I have my personality’. For them or all subjects, or nothing. Luca who, on the other hand, did only what the group indicated. Nicolas spent days making the pot, but it never helped. He did useless things, not Maccarini who was insulted. Luca once caught him saying: ‘Lory told me that with this physique I can become a leader so I don’t name her’. But I never told him that if he became a leader, he wouldn’t vote for me. This he added. I just said that he had such a physique that he could become a leader and counter Roger Balduino, who had not yet come out. Do you understand Luca how slimy he was?“.

The two will have the opportunity to clarify after the the final of reality?

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