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Michelle Hunziker and the divorce with an important person, here’s the whole truth about that moment: the details of the story

One of the presenters who has made her programs a real dream also in terms of share is she, the most beautiful and sympathetic blonde in Italy, Michelle Hunziker. During her career, she has had the opportunity to conduct many programs that have proved to be real successes such as Michelle Impossible, the satirical news Striscia la Notizia with Gerry Scotti, Paperissima and Love Bugs. Many are curious to know the reason for her breakup from her first husband.

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The woman’s success came thanks to the Sunday container Buona Domenica, where she won the Miss Buon Domenica contest between 1995-1996. Subsequently, given her talent and her beauty, she had the opportunity to collaborate with Gialappa’s Band for Mai dire Goal, continuing, then, with I cervelloni together with Paolo Bonolis and Numeri Uno with Pippo Baudo.

In 1999, however, the woman had the opportunity to conduct a program in Switzerland called Cinderella where an unknown person and one known in the entertainment world change their look thanks to some wellness experts. Since then, Michelle is one of the most talented and beautiful women that the Italian show enjoys. Together with Gerry Scotti, for more than 15 years he has been leading the satirical news Striscia la storia.

As for the love life, after marriage with Tomaso Trussardi lasted ten years from which he had two beautiful girls, Sole and Celeste, the gossip has become insistent on her and on the new story with the plastic surgeon Giovanni Angioliniknown for its disarming beauty and its participation in Big Brother Vip.

Before these two men, Michelle lived a great love with the singer Eros Ramazzotti from whom the splendid Aurora was born. But many wonder why the two let go of that love that made so many fans dream?

The reasons for the break between Michelle and Eros

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Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti have formed one of the most beautiful couples of the Italian show. From their love was born the beautiful Aurora. Many have always wondered why that love so strong, passionate and deep could not continue in a serene way.

During an interview from Silvia Toffanin to Verissimo, the presenter indulged in some intimate confessions about the breakup with her first husband: To control me, they removed me from my affections and leveraged my weaknesses. My phone calls filtered out, I couldn’t even talk to my mother, whom I haven’t seen for four years ”.

Eros tried to snatch her from the sect by putting her in front of a choice: either me or them. She couldn’t get out of that circle of scams and she lost her husband by choosing them.

With these words, Michelle explained the end of her marriage with the singer Eros Ramazzotti with whom today she has a beautiful relationship of esteem and affection.

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