Matteo Farnea and the choice have to do with it!

Matteo Farnea and the choice have to do with it!
Matteo Farnea and the choice have to do with it!

Thinking back to her path to Men and Women, Veronica Rimondi publishes a sweet dedication to her Matteo.

In love and happy, Veronica Rimondi And Matteo Farnea have left Men and women and they have never strayed. The couple of the classical throne lives a magical moment and the tronista from Ferrara decides to write a beautiful dedication to her sweetheart, also talking about the choice.

Men and women, Veronica more and more in love with Matteo

Since when Matteo Farnea entered the studio of Men and women, Veronica Rimondi was bewitched by the Venetian suitor. Through thick and thin, Matteo And Veronica they got to know each other deeply and it was clear from the start that something magical was being created between them. The day of the choice, Veronica confirmed the public’s impression of Channel 5 and chose to leave the program with Matteo. The couple made an unexpected announcementthen Veronica she went back to talking about the path and the choice to Men and Womenand, writing:

“It was an experience from which I learned a lot, which made me grow, mature and experience new, strong and unexpected emotions. This journey began as an experience to be lived lightly, to get involved, have fun, try different sensations and get to know someone with whom, perhaps, to be able to build a story out of the program. But partly for how I am, and partly for a veil of skepticism, I never expected to leave that study with a person like Matteo. It would take too many adjectives to describe it, but I can sum it all up by saying that I feel lucky. As I said on the day of the choice, I cannot know how it will go, there are no certainties. But I think, and I hope, I have found my other half of the apple […] And thanks to You, because you made me discover another face of Love, and tearing me a smile from the first moment we met, you have marked me forever “.

Veronica she indulged in a very romantic dedication, proving that she had torn down walls with Matteo despite his initial coldness. While the couple is enjoying life together, she makes plans and shows herself smiling even in everyday life, the mystery hovers over the one formed by Matteo Ranieri And Valeria Cardone. The tronista left in the days preceding the birthday of the Neapolitan suitor and for her he did not waste even a message on social media.

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