Santiago, his new look leaves everyone amazed. Unrecognizable son of Belen and Stefano

Little Santiago, the son of Belen and Stefano De Martino appears with a funny hairstyle on Instagram, a wild version that made everyone smile.

Small influencers grow up. Having two people as parents constantly exposed to the spotlight doesn’t have to be easy, but it seems that Santiago, son of Belen and Stefano De Martino, is now used to it and with the carefree nature of a child of his age, that is 10 years, he enjoys appearing with extravagant looks on the profiles of his “old men”.

Santiago is often present on the social networks of his mother who loves to share the funny and funny moments she spends with him with her fans. The Argentine model also promoted him testimonial of his Hinnominate Kids collection, the family clothing brand. The same privilege obviously fell to the little girl of the house, Luna Marìformer model (baby) of the Rodriguez brand.

A lively child who is attentive to the look

What is denoted by the posts featuring Santiago is that it is a bright and lively child, with particular attention to its look. After all, how could it be otherwise, with the stylish parents he finds himself? Santiago in particular, often loves to style her hair in an original waywith the approval of mother Belen who does not hesitate to try her hand as a hairdresser for her little guy.

We remember in fact Santiago with a purple tuft in her brown hairi, who likes to wear a little long to frame his face. Of course, however, recently, with the length of the hair it has a little exaggerated, showing itself with a look that has left all the followers of the presenter of Italia’s got talent, thrilled.

Santiago’s new hairstyle

The new transformation of Santiago is the wildest of all. In his Instagram stories Belen posted a photo of her son with a dark and very long wild hairparticularly thick and messy with slightly frizzy tufts here and there.

It was obviously of a wig, that the little one enjoyed wearing, obtaining the “Wow” effect that he surely wanted. With this strange hair, the boy combined sneakers of different colors and neon yellow socks. In short, Santiago so small, he already knows how to differentiate himself from others.

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