“I think I have reached the last stretch”

What is certain is that, even if he stopped acting,

Pitt remains very attached to his production company, Plan B Entertainment, for now.

which this year is producing

“Women who talk”, an adaptation of the novel by Miriam Toews

which tells of Mennonite women who join forces against their rapists, directed by

Sarah Polley

: “A profound film like no other made in this decade”.

I am certainly another certainty


which the actor wishes he could have dealt with more, but which are still at the center of the troubled legal battle for custody, with

Angelina Jolie

increasingly fierce on the front of their exclusive custody to permanently distance them from their father.
And just in these days they have leaked

rumor about Shiloh Jolie Pitt, 16,

that he would leave the actress’s house to go to her father, without notifying her mother.

An escape

motivated by the desire to spend more time with the father. Of all, Shiloh is the only one who still has a close relationship with the actor while her children older than her,

Maddox and Pax

they would end their relationship with him.

Pitt also told GQ about his mission to protect his health, explaining that he quit smoking during the pandemic. Although he initially tried to minimize the amount of smoking, he realized that simply cutting down on cigarettes would not be enough: he had to eliminate them.

But that’s not the only change the actor has made in recent years. After Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, the actor stopped drinking and spent a year and a half dating.

Alcoholics Anonymous.

The actor then admitted that he often suffered from loneliness in his life: “I have always felt very alone in my life” he explains “only when I was a child, alone even out here, it is only recently that I have come closer to my friends and my family. What is that sentence, it could be of

Rilke or Einstein,

Believe it or not, but it was something that spoke of when you can walk with paradox, when you carry true pain and true joy with you at the same time, this is maturity, this is growth. “

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