the heavenly look is divine

the heavenly look is divine
the heavenly look is divine

Kate Middleton enters the legend. The time has come for her to be immortalized on an oil canvas next to her William of her in what is the first portrait of the couple, made by Jamie Coreth. The Dukes of Cambridge attended the unveiling of the artwork and she presented herself with a celestial look that hides a secret message.

Kate Middleton and William, the first portrait is legend

Kate Middleton and William then have their first official painting. The canvas was commissioned in 2021 by the Cambridgeshire Royal Portrait Fund and was given as a gift to Cambridgeshire, the region of which they are Dukes. The idea came from Sir Michael Marshall who has died in the meantime, but his wife Lady Sibyl took care of the project.

For the realization of the painting he was called Jamie Coreth, one of the most respected British portrait painters. In the canvas, Kate wears the £ 1,595 (€ 1,858) glittering green dress from The Vampire’s Wife which she first sported during a historic three-day visit to Dublin in March 2020. Posing ethereal, she wraps her arm around her waist by William. The Prince in the dark suit returns his wife’s embrace while he holds his other hand in his trouser pocket, in a relaxed attitude.

The portrait was unveiled for the first time on the occasion of William and Kate’s visit to Cambridgeshire, the county which, as we have underlined, gives the couple its name. The title of Dukes of Cambridge it was awarded to them by Queen Elizabeth in 2011 after their marriage. The couple’s children are known as George, Charlotte and Louis of Cambridge.

Lady Middleton and her husband then visited the Fitzwilliam Museum of the University of Cambridge, where they were able to admire their portrait for the first time. This is the first official step the two are taking in the history of the British Monarchy.

Kate Middleton, the secret of the blue look

After the white suit, to celebrate the moment, Kate presented herself wearing a bon ton look, in light blue tones, with a clear reference to pastel colors so loved by Her Majesty. The Duchess’ outfit consists of a light blue duster coat, long to the calves, fitted, with side pockets, which is worn open to allow her dress to be visible. Kate recycled LK Bennett’s dress in voile, with small spots of various colors where however blue always predominates. The model was created in 2015, but the brand revived it this year in two different colors. Cost? 299 pounds (349 euros approximately).

Lady Middleton paired it with a light blue suede clutch and décolleée by Emmy London. The blue it is the main color of the outfit and Kate also proposes it in the aquamarine and diamond earrings. The shade was not simply an aesthetic choice, in fact, in addition to being a tribute to the Queen’s taste, blue is associated with the Monarchy, but in general with the sky, with harmony and therefore with divinity.

The last note worth highlighting in her look is her hair. The Duchess wears her hair long, loose over her shoulders. She ditches the ultra smooth and keeps them slightly wavy.

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