Rkomi and Paola di Benedetto together: Fedez unmasks them

Rkomi and Paola di Benedetto together: Fedez unmasks them
Rkomi and Paola di Benedetto together: Fedez unmasks them

Who is the real couple of the year? After the persistent gossip of the last few days, finally Paola di Benedetto and Rkomi have decided to come out and the first official outing was with one of the most famous couples ever: the Ferragnez! It was Fedez himself who confirmed that …

With the arrival of summer here they are born new loves, even in the entertainment world. That’s what happened to too Paola di Benedettoshowgirl and presenter as well as winner of the fourth edition of Big Brother Vipit’s at Rkomi, singer judge of X-Factor. The two were paparazzi together already a couple of times, but official status of their relationship arrived in the last few hours on Instagram.

The curious thing is that ad formalize this love story was not directly involved, but another very famous couple. Who are we talking about? Obviously gods Ferragnez! Fedez And Rkomi they are “colleagues” just to X-Factor, and here last night they allowed themselves a dinner for four, complete with an official post on Instagram …

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Fedez makes the couple of the year official

On the Instagram profile of Fedez, in fact, one appeared photo in which there are also Paola di Benedetto And Rkomi: the two are embraced like a real couple, testifying that the rumors that want them together are absolutely true. A pinch of irony could not be missing: if you scroll to the next shot, here is the couples are reversed, with Chiara Ferragni hugging smiling Paola di Benedettoand with Fedez that tightens Rkomi.

“Guess what the couple of the year“, he wrote Fedez, joking so. “You beautiful, we beautiful”, she replied Paola di Benedettocommenting on the photo in which he appears alongside Chiara Ferragni.

This dinner for four, however, confirms that the love story between Paola di Benedetto And Rkomi proceeds at full speed. After the end of his relationship with Federico Rossi (the lead singer of the former musical duo Benji and Fede)the showgirl and presenter has always found happiness in the world of music, which among other things is one of her greatest passions. Rkomi will that be right?

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