Raoul Bova upsets his wife Rocio, tears and disbelief in the audience

Even the most persistent gossips will sooner or later have to resign themselves to the fact that Raoul Bova and Rocio love each other madly. Read what the actor wrote to believe.

The quiet, indeed the ray of light after the storm. Life finally smiles at Raoul Bova, following a troubled period, to say the least, between grief, a finished marriage, some obstacles in his career. And the credit is all of the beautiful Rocio, the actress who managed to make his heart beat again.

The heartthrob message of Raoul Bova

Raoul Bova recently took advantage of a special occasion to renew his promise of love to Rocio. With a post on Instagram, the actor addressed his tender birthday wishes to the woman who changed his life. “Happy birthday my love ❤️ @rociommorales”: so he wrote on the sidelines of a photo of him and her in a sailor suit smiling and kissing like a couple of sweethearts on their first love.

Rocio Munoz Morales, for the record, was born in Madrid on June 10, 1988, and turned 34 a few days ago. The Spanish actress, TV presenter, model and former dancer made her cinema debut in Italy in 2012 with the film Immature – The journey and precisely in that circumstance he met his current partner, Raoul Bova, with whom he also had two beautiful daughters. In 2015, as some of you will remember, the attractive brunette joined Carlo Conti at the helm of the Sanremo Festival and, after having conducted the Telethon marathon on Rai 1 in 2020, in October 2021 she joined Nicola Savino in an episode of Hyenas.

With all due respect to the recent rumors that between the two things are no longer booming, and even the couple would be in the process of estrangement. She also talked about it Dagospia, among the most authoritative publications on the subject of “spicy” background: it was Alberto Dandolo with his Dandolo Indovinelli who dropped the bomb: Rocio would press to marry Raoul, but he would not want to know. Hence the creeping crisis …

It is worth remembering that when Rocio and Raoul were awarded at the Cinemagia Awards, the event was attended only by the Spanish, thus giving rise to new gossip. Bova on that occasion, it became known later, was unable to reach her partner at the Cinemagia Awards due to a delay on the set of Don Matteo. All the rest is chatter …

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