Romina Carrisi, the natural photo without make-up and filters: a photocopy of father Albano

Romina Carrisi, daughter of Al Bano and Romina Power, is fascinating even without a trickle of makeup: here she is natural

More and more beauties of the Italian star system are shown on their social profiles how mom made them: a way to show that natural are not that different from their version all make up and filters and that therefore their beauty is the result of Mother Nature and of many sacrifices at the table and in the gym, certainly not the hand of an expert cosmetic surgeon or some application for photoshop.

Romina Carrisi-tipiu-06/23/2022

Also Romina Carrisidaughter of one of the most talked about ex couples in the Italian show business, the one formed by Al Bano Carrisi and Romina Powerdid not want to be outdone by posting on her Instagram profile a selfie that immortalizes her nature, therefore without a trace of makeup and without even the use of filters: in a dressing gown, in bed, with black-rimmed glasses and with some pimple peeping here and there on her beautiful face, the 35-year-old daughter of art, who in the shot is portrayed in the act of giving a kiss (goodnight?), is almost identical, in addition to the illustrious father, when it shows itself after long hair and make-up sessions.

Test passed, therefore: the Romina Carrisi’s beauty is due to her genetic makeup and not of cosmetic bags and beauty cases; on the other hand, with a mother like Romina Power, still today one of the most fascinating women of the Italian star system, it could not be otherwise.

Romina Carrisi in love with a fifty year old

Here is Romina Carrisi without make-up and filters-tipiu-06/23/2022

That Romina loves challenges (such as showing off make-up) is also shown by the fact that she is in a relationship with a man older than her: the rumors were confirmed a few days ago at the party for her 35th birthday in which she attended his partner too, Stefano Rastelli51 years old and therefore 16 years older than her.

Romina Carrisi with her new love-tipiu-06/23/2022

Yet despite the age difference, the two seem very close and above all happy and it was understood precisely during the aforementioned celebrations of which the protagonist was the golden uvula of Cellino San Marco who entertained and delighted the guests with his musical repertoire: well, right during a slow Romina jr abandoned herself in the arms of her new flame, then the two, embraced, sang together with Al Bano doing what the birthday girl ironically defined on Instagram The great caciara“.

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