Albert of Monaco and Princess Charlene, kiss chasing crisis in Norway

June 23, 2022 10:50 am

Royal tour to attend the inauguration of the new exhibition “Sailing the Sea of ​​Science”

The princess is in great shape and the photos from her trip with Prince Albert and the children prove it. Elegant and sober – as it is in her style – with her black suit and vertiginous heels, Wittstock has trod the scene capturing glances and flashes. Beautiful, intriguing, sophisticated and with an innate class, the Princess of Monaco took her breath away when

she kissed her husband affectionately

Alberto in front of crazy photographers.


The royal couple thus silences the rumors about a definitive break between the two that have circulated in recent times. According to rumors, between Alberto and Charlene it would have been signed

an agreement worth 12 million euros a year

that the prince would pay to have her by his side during official tours and social events. Who knows if the pact also includes some affectionate kisses in honor of flash …


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