Gf Vip, Dayane Mello in a video: “I have to report many people”

Gf Vip, Dayane Mello in a video: “I have to report many people”
Gf Vip, Dayane Mello in a video: “I have to report many people”

Dayane Mello does not stay there and denounces those who have invaded her personal sphere and those who continue to offend her on social media.

The former protagonist of the Big Brother Vip through a video posted on his official Instagram channel he decided to share what is happening in his life with his followers. And it is precisely to these that the former gieffina turned, showing herself in front of the Carabinieri barracks and saying:

Guys I want to thank all my fans who have shielded me by silencing many situations in my life. You are fantastic and of course I also have to report many people. Unfortunately, today I am here to denounce people who continue to reiterate the bad things about me on many, many, many topics. So I’m taking action.

The videos in question are related by several captions in which the girl continued to justify her way of acting to her followers. At the same time, however, she thanked all those who are close to her and defend her from the criticism that she continues to suffer:

Thank you. You are always perfect and protective of me. I love you so much and I will always be here for you. I also take steps for those who continue to destroy me or feel entitled to choose anything related to my life. I have to take measures against people who invade my personal sphere …

Here is the decision made by Dayane Mello to denounce all those who criticize, offend and invade her sentimental and personal sphere. The girl, tired of these continuous offenses, decided to report everything about her to the police but also to let all her followers know, in order to appease the criticisms suffered. Just a few weeks ago the Mello had also been pinched alongside the Carlo Motta model.

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