Guendalina and Edoardo Tavassi, check photos from the past: unrecognizable before success

L‘Island of the Famous, among the most talked about competitors of this edition, there were certainly Guendalina and Edoardo Tavassi. Blood brothers, they made it clear from the start that they both have two beautiful peppery characters. And now, on social media, a photo that portrays them very different from today emerges from the past. Especially him.

She made herself known widely by the large television audience for her participation, several years ago now, at father of all reality shows, while he is older brother, with only one year of difference. They are very close and during their experience at Island they showed themselves well, although neither are competing today. And now here they are as they were before starting their experience within the program, conducted by the sparkling Ilary Blasi. Very different!

Guendalina and Edoardo Tavassi, great protagonists at Island

The Island of the Famousthey competed as a couple, then she left the game and now he has decided to retire, one step away from the grand finale. Guendalina Tavassiwhich owes its fame to its participation in the Big Brotherand his older brother Edwardthey soon attracted a large part of the attention of viewers, this year – to say the least – very numerous, thanks to their temper, definitely peppery. In addition, he has recently returned to the headlines of the pink and worldly news because of one his famous ex.

In his past there was Del Bufalo

It’s about the actress Diana Del Bufalo with whom he had a very beautiful love affair even if not very long. But why did they say goodbye?

During an interview with the weekly My Edo’s mother revealed the reasons for the breakup: “She still had some unresolved things for her past history and was not entirely free to let go in this relationship but they remained on good terms and they hear and see often ”. So could there be a flashback?

“A flashback? I do not know: they are now very good friends but it is welcome if the flame returns! I liked them a lot together, I saw them close-knit and nice “the woman promptly declared who also added that Diana “would have liked a lot as a daughter-in-law.

But now, in the last few hours, not only Edoardo’s matters of the heart or even Guenda’s issues have been held, but a photograph of them from a few years ago where they appear very different from today. He almost unrecognizable!

Very young and he with short dark hair and without a trace of a beard. Unrecognizable Edward!

Smiling, happy, or rather, “Joyful” as Gwendolyn rightly commented, I give fans a photograph, most likely a selfie, which portrays them in a private moment of mere relaxation. She has straight blonde hair while he has it short and dark. He also doesn’t have a trace of a beard.

Edoardo has changed a lot over the last few years that today has a thick head of salt and pepper as well as his beard. Her facial features have also become a little more pronounced.

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