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Written by Marta Vitulano the June 23, 2022

In the last few hours, the knight of Men and Women Riccardo Guarnieri is back on social media and came out in the open on …

After the end of this latest edition of Men and women, Ida Platano she returned to her life continuing to show always active and very present on social networks. But since the day of the breakup with the former flame, she has no longer wanted to talk about it and address the subject. Fans in the past few days have noticed something different about her and what she says and shows. Many think she has a new suitor, but for the moment nothing is certain.

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While Riccardo Guarnieriafter breaking up with the lady of the Over throne, he gave an interview to the magazine of the program where he declared that he was okay with his conscience:

I said everything I had to say, but unfortunately my words have been misunderstood for the umpteenth time: the exact opposite of what I meant has been understood… In any case, I am calm. I believe I was transparent from the beginning to the end of the journey, unlike what Ida asserted and thought.

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Men and Women, Riccardo Guarnieri comes out in the open on …

But in the last period, the knight of the throne Over has also been at the center of the gossip due to some reports that saw him in the company of a black-haired woman. So far – we specify – that there would be nothing wrong if he had already linked to another woman, but according to many fans he would have already been so in the days of Men and Women. Hence the idea that he would have lied to the program and to Ida, making fun of her. It is not known for sure what the truth is, it is just rumors and assumptions on social media.

In the last few hours, however, the knight returned to social media after several days of absence and published two Instagram stories that drove fans crazy. In one you can see a sandwich – presumably his dinner – and in another a spectacular view of Polignano a mare in the evening.

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