Are men and women, Pinuccia and Alessandro together? Twist after the throne over

One of the most followed and most tender couples of Men and Women is the one composed by Alessandro Rausa and Pinuccia. But did the two say goodbye or are they still together?

Everyone asks. We left them together and according to a recent report, within weeks of closing the dating show of Maria De Filippi, the two may still be together. But there are no official confirmations.

The couple had had a period of crisis while participating in the program due to a great quarrel that resulted in a series of misunderstandings that led them to mutual separation. Then peace came and the lady of Vigevano she was also invited to Puglia by the knight.

Interest in Alessandro from the very beginning

Pinuccia is one of the ladies of the throne over of Most loved and discussed men and women. With Gemma Galgani and lately also Ida Platano has become part of the group of so-called bitter enemies of Tina Cipollariwho, as fans of the show know, did not spare herself in criticism, not even towards the sprightly eighty-year-old.

The old woman since her entrance expressed interest in the 92-year-old Apulian knight and despite the latter having declared that he did not feel the famous “butterflies in the stomach”, he decided to start an acquaintance, hoping to find in her a companion who loves him and keeps him company.

Pinuccia and the Apulian knight are still a couple

After the first furious fight, broke out in front of the cameras, Alessandro decided to close the acquaintance. Pinuccia did not take it well and between tears and continuous attacks by Tina Cipollari, continued to move forward. Until Alessandro, he decided to give her a second chance, inviting her to her house.

According to Isaechia, the couple was immortalized at the Vasco Rossi concert in his stop in Bari, singer among other things loved by the knight. But at the moment it is not known if the two are just friends or are united in the feelings of love. Now that the season of Men and women ended, it is not possible to have further details, but surely from September you will have the opportunity to know how they spent the holidays and if love broke out between them. And who knows if the butterflies in the stomach.

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