Khaby Lame, new world record on Tik Tok: it’s the most …

New incredible record for Khaby Lame. The 22-year-old tik-toker who lives in Chiavasso beat the competition even of the most famous on the platform followed by the very young: the American Charlie D’Amelio. From today Khaby Lame can say that she reached an unthinkable goal when she started: she is the most …

New important milestone for Khaby Lamethe boy 22 years old from Chiavasso who has become famous for his own funny videos on Tik Tok, the platform followed by the very young. After the first great success, that of being the Italian character more later be on Tik Tok than on Instagram (even surpassing the competition of Chiara Ferragni, with 78 million followers against the 27 and a half million of the digital entrepreneur), another record, certainly unthinkable when he started on social media.

In fact, in these hours, an unprecedented figure has become official: Khaby Lame and the most followed creator in the world! The numbers speak for themselves: no one on Tik Tok can compete with the young boy who, thanks to the pandemic, has created a real domain on social networks.

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Khaby Lame: is the most followed in the world

With 142 million and 400 thousand followers, Khaby Lame has achieved the “title” of most followed user in the world on Tik Tok. The 22-year-old from Chiavasso also beat the American Charlie D’Amelio, became a real star of the platform with his ballets, always in trend, but which have not withstood the “blow” in the face of the unbridled rise of Khaby Lame.

At first it was just a pastime: in 2020, in full pandemic, Khaby Lame had been fired from the factory where he worked as a worker, and for him social networks were just a way to entertain others. His facial expressions and the gesture with his hands demonstrate the simplicity of some actions that have become viral on social media have depopulated, making him reach a success unprecedented in just two years.

Today Khaby Lame lives in Milan and, as revealed by some experts in the sector, with social media the most important creators are now able to make a turnover of one million a year. Working with Khaby Lame for Italian companies it would now be prohibitive: its figures are unattainable!

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