Drusilla Foer, goodbye long dresses and gifts: here she is with a very short, crazy dress

Drusilla Foer leaves everyone speechless for a shot shared on Instagram. Gianluca Gori’s alter ego is a blast, with an unusual outfit.

Ever since she appeared on the stage of the Sanremo Festivaleveryone went crazy for Drusilla Foer. The aristocrat with pungent jokes has conquered the public and today she goes like a train, at the helm of a program all her own, The Almanac of the day after.

Drusilla has an Instagram account with over 700,000 followers and it is here that one of her shots, from a few years ago, stands out, highlighting her legs.

Gianluca Gori and Drusilla Foer they are not the same person, even if they live in the same “container”. The first is an actor and a theater director, not inclined to the limelight. The second she is a noblewoman with progressive thoughtsa gay and stylish icon, born into a wealthy family in Siena and raised in Cuba. Or rather, that’s what her bio on the net says.

The unusual outfit by Drusilla Foer

Drusilla, compared to Gianluca, he catches the attention, loves the lights on himself, he always has a quick and shrewd answer. It pricks that is a marvel. And buys like on social media with a photo that immortalizes her with a gold mini dress and a long black open jacket showing her long toned legs wrapped in pantyhose.

The shot dates back to 2 years ago, in the middle of a pandemic, but still today leaves everyone amazed. Drusilla’s beauty, her mystery, her sex appeal are all enclosed in this intense image, which followers continue to comment on with sentences full of appreciation: “Kill that …” It is the last comment of a user.

Yet on the intensity of emotions, speaking of masks, Drusilla replied to Vanity Fair as follows: “You see, the masks don’t hide. They just make the content more usable. It’s like when you say “I love you” to a person in an awkward or distracted way because you don’t have the courage to look into their eyes. The masks of the Greek theater are a kind of reducer of the intensity of their interior. They allow you to listen to them without feeling threatened “.

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