will we see her at Gf Vip 7?

will we see her at Gf Vip 7?
will we see her at Gf Vip 7?

Written by Marta Vitulano the June 23, 2022

According to some rumors on the web, the lady of Men and Women would have said yes to Gf ​​Vip 7: here are all the news about it.

In the last period there has been a lot of talk about Gemma Galgani in reference to several rumors. First of all the alleged farewell to men and women which has been talked about for several months but has never found confirmation and foundation until now. In fact, for a long time there have been several rumors that they saw the lady of the Over throne out of the dating show in the near future. Among the most recent indiscretions, there was one launched by Nuovo TV which spoke of a farewell from the lady but not dictated by her choice but by a decision of the program. The weekly had also added other details, such as who would replace her once she left the scene.

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So it read: “Gemma needs to be careful. I think she didn’t understand that her worst rival is her friend. It is evident to everyone: Ida Platano stages the same theaters as Gemma, between tears and sighs, because she aims in her place. After all, Galgani is 72 years old, she will not stay on TV for long“. But not only: regarding Gemma Galgani, in the last period, there have also been other rumors that have left the fans speechless.

Men and women, will Gemma Galgani participate in the Gf Vip?

In relation to the lady of Men and Women, in recent weeks, there has also been talk of one of his presumed and possible participation in the next edition of Gf Vip 7. According to various rumors, Alfonso Signorini has been courting her for a long time but it is not known whether the lady has accepted or not. We also specify that these are only rumors and nothing has been confirmed.

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The most recent rumors, provided by the weekly Nuovo tv, add a further detail. Apparently, the director of Who would be courting both Gemma Galgani and her ex-flame Giorgio Manetti. If the indiscretion is confirmed and we should see them together inside the House, we should certainly expect some good ones!

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