Belen Rodriguez, has now come out into the open: the new ‘creature’ has come to life

Belen Rodriguez is a face that all Italians know, showgirl and presenter, she is engaged in many different activities, while on the small screen she concluded the experience at Le iene not long ago. She has now come out with a new creature, but what exactly is it?

Belen Rodriguez, lately, she has updated her Instagram stories with some new shots to present a project to which she has dedicated herself with great passion and commitment. For this reason she has shown her achievements to all of her fans who have shown their support for her.

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Here is what his creature is.

Belen Rodriguez doesn’t hold back anymore

Originally from Argentina Belen Rodriguez started working as a model very early on becoming the testimonial of some brands of underwear. His move to Milan dates back to 2004 where he worked for Miss Sixty, Jedea and Yamamay. Two years later he posed for De Nardi’s Glamor calendar and in 2008 for Maxim’s. In 2007, with Selvaggia Lucarelli she was co-presenter of the show: Pirati.

In 2009, together with Claudio Amendola and Teo Mammucari he conducted Scherzi a parte. She is also an actress, in fact she was the co-protagonist of an episode of: Inspector Montalbano. In 2016 she was Don Matteo’s guest star. She is unstoppable and she is also a skilled entrepreneur who knows how to use social media to promote her work, as she did on this last occasion. But what did you dedicate yourself to this time?

A romantic tribute

On its social page, where it has more than 10 million users, Belen Rodriguez presented her new clothing line which is called Mar De Margaritas. These are dresses with floral prints that have a bustier inside to reduce the size. It is not the first time that she has ventured into a similar project, but it is the first time that she has done it alone.

Previously it had already been very successful with two other brands, one of costumes with which he had worked with his sister Cecilia: Me-Fui and another of casual clothes always with Cecilia and her brother Jeremias called Hinnominate. At the presentation of the collection, the showgirl had reported that the line was called with that particular name for a tribute to a song written by her father Gustavo her to her mother Veronica Cozzani. The model is very attached to her parents and this label is another sign of their strong bond.

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