Can Yaman in Sardinia avoided Diletta Leotta and got close to another actress! Here’s what happened

Can Yaman in Sardinia avoided Diletta Leotta and got close to another actress! Here’s what happened
Can Yaman in Sardinia avoided Diletta Leotta and got close to another actress! Here’s what happened

Can Yaman in Sardinia avoided meeting Diletta Leotta in every way, but at the same time he was spotted in the company of another actress …

There private life from Can Yaman come back in the spotlight of gossip. In the last period, the actor has been a lot busy with projects, events and business trips, both within Italy and in Turkey, focusing the attention of the media and fans on his career. Now, however, we return to talk about the private life of Yaman with a succulent gossip surfaced in the last hours, concerning his stay in Sardinia for the Filming Italy Sardegna Festival. Let’s see what it is!

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Can Yaman did everything not to meet Diletta Leotta in Sardinia!

According to what was revealed by Dagospia, it seems that during the stay of Can Yaman in Sardinia on the occasion of Filming Italy Sardegna Festivalhis ex was also present on the island Diletta Leotta and that the actor did everything not to meet her. As is known, the two were the protagonists of an intense – albeit short – love story, which almost brought them to the altar! Regardless of the rumors about the veracity or otherwise of this relationship, accused of being a staged to gain popularity, the break between Yaman and Leotta it seems to have been very suffered. Sources close to the sports reporter even revealed that she still thinks of the Turkish actor!

On the other hand, we do not know if it is Can Yaman is still thinking about his ex, but it is certain that the actor has not been seen in the company of any other possible new flame. There has long been talk of a Calabrian model, such Maria Giovanna Adamoand the harmony with the co-star of the fiction Purple Like the Sea, Francesca Chillemibut it was just mere gossip.

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Can Yaman and Francesca Del Fa ever closer?

During his trip to Sardinia, however, Can Yaman has done everything for keep away Diletta Leotta, but he also got close to another actress. We are talking about Francesca Del Fathe interpreter of Venus Irene Cipriani in the soap from Rai 1, The Paradise of the Ladieswho on the evening of Thursday 9 June posted a live broadcast on her Instagram profile in which we saw her joking with the Turkish actor.

The two are met by chance for dinner in the same restaurant, but beyond that brief interaction nothing else has emerged… at least until now! In fact, it seems that, according to the revelations of some sourcesthe two have spent a lot of time together. Now, if we have to say it all, Francesca Del Fa has declared on more than one occasion that she is happily engaged to a person who does not belong to the world of entertainment, but precisely for this reason it is not easy to say whether or not there is a bit of a rush, which could have brought her close to the well Yaman. What do you think of it?

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