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Chiara Ferragni is always the center of everyone’s attention for everything she says. One of her posts drives everyone crazy

Great Announcements in Ferragni house which is ready to welcome a new component with open arms, so as to see the family get bigger more and more. This is what has been shared over the last few hours on Italian gossip sites. In these hours, therefore, the wife of Fedezis celebrating one of the happiest events after the terrible period that affected her husband personally.

But what happened? Not everyone is aware that Chiara Ferragni it also has 2 sisters. We are talking about Francescaborn in 1989, and of Valentinaborn in 1992. A family of influencer that of the Ferragni sisters and beyond. Francesca chose to follow the example of her father by becoming dentist. And it is very popular on Instagram, to the point that it has 1.4 million followers.

It is precisely one of the two that gave Chiara Ferragni the opportunity to see hers grow even more family with the arrival of a new life. The little Edoardo. Many will have understood that the event in question is none other than the birth of the son of Chiara Ferragni’s sister, who a few hours ago gave birth to a male child. A child who is already so loved by everyone.

Chiara Ferragni’s announcement ignites social media

And so, on many gossip sites including also republicwe speak of nothing but the birth of Edward son of Francesca Ferragni. This is news that, at the beginning, was spread through social networks through the publication of one photo in which the little one was immortalized in my arms of mother and father.

A great joy for Chiara Ferragni that it has become aunt for the first time and who dedicated a few words to the new birth which now enlarges their family even more. “Welcome to the family”. A post commented by the same Fedez where he left a small symbol that says a lot. A little heart, which represents all the love they already feel for the baby of the family.

A very happy event for Francesca And Riccardo Nicolettithe companion of the sister of Chiara Ferragni. “Welcome to the Edoardo world, we still can’t believe we made you”. This is the post with which the father introduces his eldest son to the world.

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