Clizia and Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro, hot confessions: “After the birth …”

Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro – undoubtedly – a much loved couple and at the same time very talked about. Very active on social networks, she in particular since she carries out the work of influencers in an impeccable way, they love to keep an almost constant thread with their fans, more and more numerous, some of whom have been rooting for them since, more than two years ago , they met in the Most spied house in Italy. And now the two have said that even today the passion is a thousand. Indeed, that after the birth, it has increased dramatically …

During their open-hearted chat for the magazine Who, directed by the shrewd Alfonso Signorini, the two talked for a long time about their private life. Intimacy included. Passion to the stars for them!

Clizia and Paolo, two beautiful parents for little Gabriele

A few months ago they became parents of the little one Gabriel who looks a lot like his splendid dad as well as grandfather Massimo. The blue eyes they are practically the same.

His arrival, as well as the wait, was told by Clizia almost constantly on the Social where she is very active and loves to keep an almost constant thread with his fans which are becoming – given in hand – more and more numerous.

But now that she became a mother for the second timea (she has in fact also another daughter named Nina aged 7, born from her marriage to Francesco Sarcinaed) has perhaps decreased the desire towards his partner?

The desire? He has grown up, she reveals it …

Apparently not! Wanting, the desire grewnow there is no more time than before, if you get a mad desire, you have to wait and waiting strengthens desire “said, without mincing words, in the name of his great frankness, the influencer a Who.

And did Paul have anything to object to? His thinking about it?

“I don’t talk about these things, at most I subscribe“, The popular face of Forum.

He was instrumental in re-establishing a peaceful relationship with her ex-husband

The young Ciavarro certainly took a great responsibility when he decided to start an important story which then turned into cohabitation with Clizia since she is not only several years older than him, but has a marriage that ended with the leader of the Vibrations Francesco Sarcina which bore the birth of Nina who is now 7 years old and lives with her mother and her new partner in the capital.

“Many have asked me:” But did you have a child with a woman who already has a child? ” So what? So it’s all wonderful, just respect the child and have a civil relationship with her father. And I have a good relationship with Francesco “, he always told a Who the second son of Eleonora Giorgi.

To support him in this direction was also thought by his beautiful companion who – in fact- declared: “Paolo makes Nina the esteem he has towards Francesco. Our report – mine and Francesco’s – in the past it hasn’t been idyllic, but Paolo has also helped me to find a balance with my exit was important “.

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