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The fate of Patrizio Rispo from Un posto al sole seems to have been sealed. Here comes the indiscretion that speaks of him

A Place in the Sun is that fiction that has been going on for several years, one production in which now one of the familiar faces seems to be ready to leave. A farewell that aims to make room for a worthy successor. A situation that, for many fans, represents a real blow to the heart.

We are talking about Patrizio Rispoa man we have come to know during all these episodes of A Place in the Sun. Actor who appears to have made the decision to to leave this production from which he received so much. It is a sitcom in which many are the faces that have gone away, while there is no lack of those who have chosen to to return so as to carry on the story right where he left off.

A Place in the Sun is an appointment that has been going on for years now, a fiction whose actors are aging before our eyes. There is no lack of those who have learned a lot from this experience, while on the other side there are those who have chosen to go in pension precisely because the time has come hang the acting on the nail.

He arrives in the place of Patrizio Rispo

Patrizio Rispo is the face of A place in the sun ready to leave

This is what, before long, will happen to Patrizio Rispo. A man who, in the series, plays Raffaele Giordano. Indeed, it appears that he has made the decision to step away already during the next season, as he has chosen to dedicate all his time to the family. But how will this character drift away?

According to some rumors, how we can also read about dots, Raffaele Giordano will leave the palace right at the end of the love story with Ornella. A couple that was born right under our eyes, in which there was no lack of quarrels and discussions. Although, in the end, the passion got the better of it. A relation which unfortunately is destined to end and which gives rise to a huge discontent in all the followers of the production.

But who will take the place of doorman inside Palladini Palace? The name that has been put forward for the moment is that of Alex Belli. It is precisely an actor who, in the past, has already taken part in several other fiction and appearing to be in talks to set foot in Rai 3.

In the series he will therefore play the role of doormanwhich hides a great dream. That is to become a lawyer. For sure this is a great opportunity for Alexa man who has recently completed his show business adventure within the Big Brother vip.

Patrizio Rispo is the face of A place in the sun ready to leave

After the events lived inside the most spied house in Italy, Alex Belli seems to be more than ready to get involved. And to give the best of himself, right in fiction A Place in the Sun. Will we see it soon?

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