Here a chubby girl, today at 68 one of the most beautiful women on TV: do you recognize her?

Do you recognize who this little girl is in the photograph? Round eyes, curly hair and a string of pearls that exude elegance: today, in fact, she is a great diva.

You recognized who this is girl in photography? Expressive eyes, an angel’s face and a pearl necklace appear around the neck, demonstrating that one is born and not made. Today that little girl is a ‘actress And television personality well known to the Italian public, which has ignited gossip in recent years thanks also to the media attention focused on its family.

To help you understand who he is, we can refer to one of his most recent experiences on TV. The beginnings they saw it debut as actress, animating the Italian cinema scene of the 1970s. But the last few years have led it towards i Reality show and the salons of the most popular talk shows. You will surely remember it in the house of Big Brother. Another clue? Edition 2018. Did you understand who it is?

Who is the girl in the photo: today she is a diva

A very sweet little girl, with large eyes at times intimidated, a little heart-shaped mouth and a voluminous, curly bob. The sepia-effect photography returns a further detail that anticipates the diva times that later marked her career. Impossible not to notice the Pearl necklace around the neck, synonymous with elegance and grace. In this photo, the girl must have been two or three years old, as the person concerned explains. A careful eye will have already guessed who it is: what if we told you Eleonora Giorgi?

Eleonora Giorgi
Eleonora Giorgi

The similarity is striking. The big round eyes have not suffered the passage of time as well as the beauty of her. The actress in recent times has participated in various programs such as Back to School And Your Business – Family Format. Most recent is his participation in The masked singer, where he wore a mask taking part in the singing competition. But it is the gossip world that has restored her fame as a diva. Mom of Paolo Ciavarroshe became a grandmother after her son met Clizia Incorvaia. Theirs is a love that blossomed under the watchful eye of the cameras GF Vip and, once they were away from home, they strengthened the bond and a baby was born.

Eleonora Giorgi
Eleonora Giorgi

Eleonora Giorgi is a very happy grandmother and several times on social media she shows herself holding her tightly in her arms Gabriel. Also in connection with very truehe had told Silvia Toffanin of his unconditional love for the little one. “I am more in love now than I was with my children“.

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