Charlene and Albert of Monaco, take the kiss on the lips in Norway

Charlene and Albert of Monaco, take the kiss on the lips in Norway
Charlene and Albert of Monaco, take the kiss on the lips in Norway

Charlene of Monaco and Albert they exchanged a kiss on the lips in public, a tenderness that should silence all the rumors of crisis even if there is still someone who is not convinced and talks about a strategy studied at the table. The occasion for the kiss is the couple’s state trip to Norway which brought the twins, Jacques and Gabriella with them.

Charlene and Albert of Monaco, happy away from the Palace

It has been a long time since Charlene of Monaco has not accompanied Alberto on an official tour abroad and it is the first of such importance that she performs with her children. The trip to Oslo was announced several days ago on the Norwegian Monarchy website, even before Charlene returned in public after testing positive for Covid. This appointment had given hope to see Alberto’s wife at the Rose and Red Cross Ball in July. Then Charlene surprised everyone by appearing at the Corpus Domini procession where, however, her husband seemed deeply altered, only to shine at the inauguration of the Monte Carlo TV Festival.

In Norway Charlene of Monaco seems to have literally blossomed again and even Alberto appears more relaxed than usual. Probably, the distance from the mechanisms of the Palace it helps the couple to be calmer and less pressured. The Princess, it is rumored, is at the center of power tensions that also involve Caroline of Monaco. Not to mention the Costa presence of Nicole Coste, Alberto’s ex-lover, who jostles to bring out her son Alexandre in the Principality.

Charlene of Monaco, the total black suit

The first look she sports from Charelene is an elegant one black trouser suit. The jacket and trousers suit is now a must have among European crowned heads. Kate Middleton sported a white one by Alexander McQueen which is simply gorgeous. But Charlene is also no exception.

The Princess chooses an extremely elegant jacket with soft lines, edged with sparkling black crystals, which she combines with a silk shirt and a pair of palazzo trousers, creating a extremely refined total black look. Black was also chosen for her daughter’s glitter dress Gabriella, which was added a touch of color with the red overcoat. Alberto is in a blue suit as the label wants. And his son Jacques follows in his father’s footsteps, breaking the ensemble with light-colored trousers.

The Monegasque family is always really happy and together with Prince Haakon, future King of Norway, they pose smiling on the red carpet. Even if on closer inspection the twins seem a bit annoyed and do not spare sulky and bored expressions at the cameras while they lend themselves to photographers and hand in hand to mom and dad they enter the Fram Museum to visit the exhibition dedicated to the sea

Earlier in the day, Albert II and Charlene were guests of King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway for lunch at their private residence, Bygdø Kongsgaard, where the Princess wore a pearl gray suit.

Charlene and Albert of Monaco, the kiss on the lips

But media around the world have focused on the kiss that Alberto and Charlene exchanged. A more unique than rare event. In the photos that have portrayed them together in the last few months it looked like the chill had fallen between them. They were all poses built around the table, as body language expert Judi James has pointed out several times. This time, however, the intimate gesture appeared at least more spontaneous, even if there were doubts about its authenticity.

Alberto takes Charlene in his arms, the two look into each other’s eyes, it seems that they are exchanging a few words, then snap the kiss on the lips and the Princess finally rests her head on the shoulder of her husband who holds her clinging to himself. Really the scene appeared natural, even if there seems to be something cumbersome and a slight embarrassment that could be simply modesty. After all, both are aware that their every public gesture is put under the magnifying glass. On the other hand, just before her lips touch, the Princess’s expression betrays her.

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