“Tired and exhausted”. The announcement of the withdrawal

“Tired and exhausted”. The announcement of the withdrawal
“Tired and exhausted”. The announcement of the withdrawal

A decision he has no intention of reviewing. Not now. Sandra Bullock he leaves the cinema to devote himself to his family, just as he announced in March 2022, with no regrets but with the desire to leave ample space for his life. The actress of The Lost Cityon the strength of her 30 years of success, she retires for an unspecified period with the clear intention of seeing her two children grow up, Louis and Laila, who represent everything to her.

Sandra Bullock, because she decided to leave the cinema

“I am so exhausted, so tired and I am no longer able to make wise decisions,” Sandra Bullock told Hollywood Reporterconfirming the first statements made to Cbs in March 2022 in which he explained the reasons of his wanting to take one long pause: “I want to stay at home. I’m not doing anyone a favor who is investing in a project by saying I want to stay home because I’m always on the run, on the run for the next thing. I just want to be present and responsible ”.

A new challenge for her, who has always built her days based on professional commitments: “The work has always been constant for me and I have been really lucky. I realized it was becoming like my crutch. It was like always opening a refrigerator in search of something that was never there “.

And he continues, explaining his relationship with self-esteem: “I said to myself: stop looking for it here because it doesn’t exist. You already have it, and put your soul in peace that you don’t need to work you value yourself. I make myself small in front of the press, under the eyes of the public and during a photo shoot. I just collapse, I’m not good at it, even if I love working in tandem with people to create something ”.

Sandra Bullock, how long is her break

There are no certain dates for his return to the scene. Certainly, the first months of 2022. Between the presentation of The Lost City And Bullet Train, in fact, she did not stop for a moment. Certainly, the many commitments have helped to make her take the decision to stop for an unlimited time but, given the declarations, it was a matured choice of time. Surely unexpected, given the ongoing commitments that preceded and followed the announcement, but which has no intention of changing.

Different was instead that of Bruce Willis, away from the scene because he was unable to continue. For him, the reasons are health. In fact, the actor suffers from aphasia, a disease that prevents him from acting at his best and for which he is undergoing treatment, with the love of the whole family that surrounded him from the first moment.

She doesn’t know how long she will stay, probably all the time it takes to be with her family and rearrange her ideas. After 50 films and 30 years of success, Sandra Bullock has realized that she is not just her job but a woman who needs rediscover his personal dimensionhis family and the children he wants to see grow at any cost.

There is therefore no time to rediscover yourself. Nor one to recharge the energy. It may take her a little or a lifetime: Sandra Bullock has chosen for her family and also for the publicwho always likes to see her to the best of her ability.

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