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Recently, the well-known Lombard conductor confessed a chilling background regarding his past. That’s what it is

Although he rarely talks about his private life, Uncle Gerry he is certainly not a man with outspoken words. When he speaks however, the host has always shown that he does not say trivial things. In this case, however, the story of which he has recently become the protagonist is at times dramatic since it concerns the disappearance of one of the most important people in his entire existence.

Gerry Scotti (Websource)

A few weeks ago Scotti greeted the viewers of “Strip the news”, giving them an appointment next year. The satirical news of Canale 5 closed the season, with the creator Antonio Ricci who unfortunately had to face a storm. Of course we are talking about the much talked about quarrel with the famous singer Claudio Baglioni, which was resolved with the victory of the latter.

For Gerry, on the other hand, it was yet another successful year of a glittering career. The presenter already holds several records in terms of conducted broadcasts and time spent live. The extraordinariness of him is also reflected by the figures of his salary which is among those of the highest paid conductors of the Cologno Monzese television station.

Gerry Scotti, the freewheeling presenter

In the ninety-fourth appointment of the podcast directed by Fedez and Luis Sal “Wild Moss”the absolute star was nothing less than Gerry Scotti. During the episode, the Uncle of Italian TV spoke about various topics, also revealing some background on his private sphere.

Gerry Scotti (Websource)

While there was talk of the side effects of popularity, the host Mediaset ended up talking about it an episode bordering on the dramatic. In fact, Gerry confessed what happened to him when he lost his late mother, mourning dating back to twenty years ago.

“I’m not ashamed to tell you that when I was in the morgue with my mother – unfortunately when it passed away twenty years ago and there were no cell phones – a noisy company of relatives from the nearby coffin saw me. So they came in with some pieces of paper and said, “Can you give us an autograph?” I didn’t know whether to give him a head or get my hands on him… then I looked at my mom and I signed ”, these are the incredible words of Scotti reported by that left even the two hosts of the podcast speechless.

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