Men and women, Alessandro Iannoni rejects the proposal of Maria De Filippi?

According to numerous rumors launched some time ago, Alessandro Iannoni should have been one of the new tronists of Men and Women. Apparently, however, Carmen Di Pietro’s son refused Maria De Filippi’s proposal; but what would be the reason?

Alessandro Iannoni has made itself known since public a few months ago, when she made her TV debut with her mother Carmen Di Pietro on the Island of the Famous.

Given the success achieved in program And attention that the public addressed to him, so Iannoni seemed to have been considered for a new adventure a Men and women.

The castaway, in fact, left the Canale 5 reality show ahead of time and so the public immediately wondered what his future projects were, saying they were enthusiastic about what could be a proposal from Queen Mary. Apparently, however, the 20-year-old would have rejected the proposal of the De Filippi.

Isola dei Famosi, a former castaway says no to De Filippi


According to some rumors it seems that Alessandro (son of Carmen Di Pietro) has refused the throne of Men and Women because of the studies university students.

he did know a few hours ago Amedeo Venzaaccording to which the reasons that would have led the young man to leave the island are the same that prevent him from taking part in the new program of Maria De Filippi.

I am honest I have never seen Men and women so i don’t know what tronista is, so i don’t know, but i guess. Mom would be delighted she proposed it to me on the island, she told me ‘Why don’t you go and be a tronista?’.

had said some time ago the young man, interviewed by Chi House about being able to take part in the dating show. There new seasonin short, he will not give us the path of the son of the showgirl of Potenza?

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