Blanco, after the betrayal, the sad news: his ex ended up in hospital

Giulia Lisioli, ex of Blanco, told in an interview what happened after seeing the video of the betrayal.

2022 opened with immense joy for Blancowhich triumphed at the Sanremo Festival paired with Mahmood with the song Broglie. The song then went on to runaway success across all platforms, resulting in one of the most listened to pieces in these months. If from an artistic point of view things seem to be going well for the 19-year-old from Brescia, on the sentimental level Blanco has to deal with some heavy accusations that just rained down on him.

The ex-girlfriend of the singer, Giulia Lisioli, has in fact revealed that Blanco would have it cheated on with another girlthus disavowing all declarations of love made not only in private, but also in public.

Blanco, whose real name is Riccardo Fabbriconi, would have been discovered by his ex-girlfriend thanks to a video that ran on the web. In the video you can see the Brescian artist who kiss a girlbut that young woman was not Giulia at all, much less a friend of hers.

Giulia and those messages full of anger to Blanco

Giulia Lisioli then confirmed to the weekly Di Più that she had discovered what was behind it, that is a betrayal from his ex. The young woman suffered the backlash of her betrayal, so much so that she ended up in hospital for the severe pain she felt.

After seeing the video, in fact, Giulia was forced to resorting to hospital treatment, where they gave her some anxiolytics. But even the subsequent period was not at all easy for the girl due to constant panic and anxiety attacks.

A betrayal that the girl did not expect at all, while confirming that after the victory at the Sanremo Festival they were some problems arose between her and Blanco, who had fallen in love at school.

Enraged by the betrayal, Giulia Lisioli has also written about messages full of spite against Blanco. In the interview with Di Più she admits that she was wrong and that she regrets those phrases, which arose from her anger.

After a couple of months the two met: the singer from Brescia tried to explain his reasonsbut the relationship is now over.

“He told me he still cared a lot about me. He was wrong, maybe he was in a moment of stress. I was not wrong, it is only he who was wrong – said Giulia in the interview – On the contrary, I often neglected myself to keep up with him. It was my only mistake maybe but I was very sure of his love for him. Today I would like to return to live in peace and I would like to be able to forget him above all “.

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