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Sami Youssef, the success of ‘Big Brother Vip’ but also his life in danger. He told a dramatic story

The ‘Big Brother Vip‘in recent years he has concretely taught what it means to know a famous person in depth, perhaps even going beyond what is told in a superficial way. Of course, the program has taken a very different form throughout its history, and above all it has radically changed that imprint it had given itself in its origins. The first ‘Big Brother’, in fact, was dedicated to characters who had little (indeed nothing!) To do with the world of entertainment. And so the reality show became a way to make oneself known by the general public, and perhaps take advantage of the crest of the wave to start one’s own path. Many have succeeded, from Luca Argentero to Guendalina Tavassi, or Ilenia Pastorelli, just to name a few.

Samy Youssef (web Source)

In the case of the ‘VIP’ version, however, everything moves to a much deeper dimension. Famous people enter the house, on which the attention is placed above all on character traits that have never been shown before. But there are also characters who are known, but up to a certain point: personalities who may have found the limelight for certain reasonsbut which have not been able to reach everyone in a concrete way.

This is the case, for example, of Samy Youssef, competitor of the ‘Big Brother Vip’ in the last edition. A particular story, that of Sami, who arrived from Egypt on a boat and in fact one of the few survivors of the forty people who traveled with him. A dramatic story, which evidently also helped him build a very strong character.

Sami Youssef, his life in danger: the absurd story

Samy Youssef (web Source)

Once he arrived in Italy, Sami began his career as a waiter, managing to later enter the world of fashion. So he collaborated with very important brands, from Versace to Trussardi, also becoming a leading face for Moschino. In short, a really important path, and which also earned him the opportunity to enter the house of ‘Big Brother Vip’, given that he is also a very popular character on social media.

As mentioned, his life hides a terrible tragedy that the young man wanted to make known once he reached a certain notoriety. Samy also recounted his journey during an interview with the microphones of ‘Verissimo’, telling how his life was in serious danger. “There were 20 of us where there are 4, he couldn’t breathe. Then during the 9 days of travel I got seasick, on the fourth day we had lost hope, I thought I was dying “Samy said.

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