Beautiful, huge tragedy for the beloved actor: “They found him dead”

The beloved actor of Beautiful, Jack Wagner, is experiencing hours of deep pain: his son Harrison was found dead at the age of 27.

Tragedy for one of the best known and most loved faces of the soap opera The Beautiful. Actor Jack Wagner, for years the face of Nick Marone (Ridge Forrester’s half-brother), lost his son Harrison on the night of June 6 under unclear circumstances. The boy – only 27 years old – was found dead in a parking lot of North Hollywood, in Los Angeles. The local police are investigating the death and at the moment the cause of the boy’s death is not yet clear.

While waiting for the police to communicate the results of the autopsy already ordered on the body, Jack Wagner and his ex-wife Kristina (the boy’s mother) preferred not to comment on the dramatic news, choosing to live this period of mourning in absolute confidentiality. . In these hours, friends, colleagues and fans are sharing messages of condolence and closeness on the official pages of the two actors, a way to express affection for them, but also to remember the life of a boy torn too soon from his affections.

Beautiful, the drama of Jack Wagner: what happened to his son Harrison

Jack Wagner first became a father when he was very young, when Kerry was born from a casual relationship. Initially the actor did not recognize the child, but later he did and welcomed her into the house. Harrison was born out of a relationship with colleague Kristina, whom Jack met on the set of General Hospital in the early 1990s and whom she married in 1993. The eldest son was born two years later and some time later his brother Peter also arrived.

Jack and Kristina’s relationship ended in 2006, when the two actors filed for divorce. After the separation – we do not know if related to this event – the young Harrison began to show problems with drugs and alcohol. The boy also manifested a strong depression that he seems to be trying to counter by altering his perception. One of the hypotheses currently being examined, therefore, is that Harrison may have abused some substance and that he has overdosed.

This is a drama that the American actor is experiencing that goes beyond the fiction of many soaps and TV series in which he starred. All of Hollywood and fans all over the world have clung to Jack in these hours, a movement of empathy and affection that will certainly be helpful, but which will certainly not be enough to appease the pain that the death of his son has generated in the heart. of him.

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