Meghan Markle infuriates the Queen: here she is in denim shorts

That Meghan Markle was reluctant to conform to the dictates of the court was clear to everyone. But, now according to many in the know, she really went too far. The Duchess presented herself with an outfit with a Californian flavor, light years away from the royal protocols.

The reaction of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was not made to wait, it seems that she was furious.

Meghan Markle, setback to the Queen: her look sends her Majesty into a rage

Meghan Markle in denim shorts and ton sur ton shirt was literally divine. Yet, the look chosen by the Duchess seems not to have been liked by everyone. Queen Elizabeth, aware of the style and the dictates and protocols of the Palace for 70 years, turned up her nose in front of Meghan’s causal style.

The choice to wear an outfit so little inclined to respect the royal rules has been interpreted by many as a clear sign of Meghan, a tribute to freedom, rebellion, simplicity.

Queen Elizabeth is on a rampage, Meghan made it big?

Meghan Markle it has once again broken the hierarchies in its own way, proving to be far from the real protocols. Her mood has already become a mantra for this hot summer 2022, green light for carefree and comfort, with all due respect to Queen.

On the English tabloids we do nothing but talk about other things, but in fact Meghan is always distinguished for originality and ingenuity, hers seems to be yet another coup de grace, aimed at heralding her distance from Building.

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