Platinum Jubilee, Meghan and Harry “from a distance”, Kate’s earrings, the transmitted images of Elizabeth II: the messages “hidden” behind the gestures

Platinum Jubilee, London, day three. The Buckingham Palace organizational machine did not leave room for smears, thanks to the charismatic strength of Elizabeth II and the respect that everyone recognizes.

She made the only surprises by announcing the absence to some appointments: yesterday, Friday 3 June, the Thanksgiving function in St Paul’s Cathedral, today, Saturday 4 June, the Epsom Derby horse race in Sussex. Yet the Crown’s most observant analysts see no elements of concern in these decisions.

Elizabeth II is the same one she has on Thursday, on the inaugural day of the celebrations doubled his presence deciding, in first person, to look out from the balcony twice. First at the Trooping the Color parade, with his cousin, the Duke of Kent, then, wearing sunglasses and much more relaxed smiles, together with the rest of the family, for the overflight of the 70 planes closed by the Red Arrows. She is like that, stubborn and completely devoted to her role. That’s why from this moment on it is true that her apparitions will be more rarefied and unpredictable, but this will make them even more awaited and special.

The goal of the communication of the Palace, despite her defections, is to keep the party atmosphere high, despite the bad weather forecast in these days, despite the health conditions of a 96-year-old woman who has never spared herself and despite the troubles in the family .

But even this problem seems to have been resolved and defused with the collaboration of all.

Harry and Meghan are part of the “Firm”, he is sixth in line of succession to the throne, his grandmother loves him, but the Crown is a serious matter. Saturday 4th June, at the little girl’s birthday party Lilibet no space will be granted that could obscure the Jubilee celebrations.

The first birthday of the last great-grandchild was confined to a family affair. At 9.31 am, on time and in perfect sync, greetings arrived from Buckingham Palace, from grandfather Carlo and Camilla and from uncles William and Kate. No photos attached: on Sunday no photo that is not linked to the Jubilee will have to take the front pages of the newspapers.

And the same media scrutiny was seen yesterday, when in church the two Sussexes, eagerly awaited for their return to the scene, were kept at a safe distance from the future kings, who did not even look at them.

Carlo, in an outburst of affection for Kate Middleton, sent her a kiss when he joined her at the exit of the church, but did not turn around as he crossed the central aisle passing by his son and other daughter-in-law, placed in the second row. .

No possibility was given to the cameras to linger in shots in which the two could still peek. The Sussexes have been declassified to second tier royals, even visually. And to avoid gossip or risks, after the mass the two returned home, giving up participating with everyone else in the party organized in Guidehall. The step back required by the palace seems to be respected, at least as long as Elizabeth II “will still be in the saddle”, in the words of the archbishop of York.

The real theme will arise when William will acquire more and more power, because it is there that the rust struggles to melt and the investment in the Dukes of Cambridge by the Crown is important and evident.

On Friday Kate wore a pair of earrings loaned by the Queen that had already been worn by Lady Diana and Elizabeth II herself during the funeral for Prince Philip. Symbols that speak a lot when Buckingham Palace’s communicative style is to say without using too many words.

On Saturday afternoon William And Kate (with little George and Charlotte) were sent in Wales, travel for some providential to spare them the embarrassment of having to attend the birthday of Lilibet of Sussex. But the Crown comes first. The visit to Cardiff Castle is made necessary by the fact that, when Charles becomes king, William will collect from his father the title of Prince of Wales, a title in force since the thirteenth century.

For the monarchy it is essential to use the Jubilee as a great opportunity to strengthen the bond with the territories, not only in the Commonwealth. And it is important to do so especially in these times when, also thanks to Brexit, the push for independence is getting stronger.

Wales boasts a presence of faithful to the Crown which is around 56%, according to what is reported by the most “Royalist” TV there is: the BBC. But so be it. The numbers would also say that only 38% of Welsh no longer want a head of state with the crown on their head but would prefer him elected by the people, but what will they say when Elizabeth II is gone? Not to mention the more complicated situation in Northern Ireland, where Prince Edward and his wife Sophie Wessex appeared on Saturday. But this is another story and the ongoing negotiations with Boris Johnson’s government will take care of unraveling the problem or making a definitive patatrac.

These are the days of the festival and on Saturday evening 22,000 people are expected at mega party organized by BBC which will also be broadcast on maxi screens set up in St James’s Park, along The Mall in London, at Bute Park in Cardiff in Wales, in Edinburgh’s Prince Street gardens. 10,000 were awarded tickets through a lottery, while 5,000 seats were reserved for workers engaged in essential sectors for the community. Everyone else will watch it on TV; among them also Elizabeth II.

On stage too Andrea Bocelli and with him Queen, Diana Red, Baronet Elton John, Rod Stewart, Duran Duran, Graig David. The history of music of yesterday and today with an eye to the direction also of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber who has tried to collect the most famous musicals of the last 70 years, or so.

In the meantime, ITV, the broadcaster that broadcasts the Epsom horse race, has released unpublished images of Queen Elizabeth, stick in hand and head scarf, intent on whispering to her beloved horses, shot last April in Sandringham. The message is unequivocal: Elizabeth II is there.

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