Wanda Nara, the shirt opens and everything is outside: what an explosion

Wanda Nara becomes the protagonist, once again, of a photo that absolutely cannot go unnoticed. Directly from her holidays, the Argentine showgirl shows her ‘A’ side of her that is definitely explosive and that she definitely deserves

It is no mystery that one of the most famous Argentine couples in the world such as the native of Buenos Aires and Mauro Icardi, Paris Saint Germain striker, has decided to spend these relaxing days in Africa, precisely in Rwanda in search of new places to be discovered. In a moment of relaxation that the 36-year-old allowed herself to show everyone his magnificent repertoire that we now bring to you. Insured show PHOTO

Wanda Nara (screenshot Instagram photo)

Wanda Nara, the show continues in Rwanda

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi continue their holiday in the East African country. They decided not to opt for Europe and to go and visit one of the most talked about and visited places by tourists. The images that the two show us are nothing short of fabulous. A magnificent panorama that absolutely does not need to be commented on. Really there is to be left speechless. The same goes for the photos published by the Argentine showgirl who continues to surprise all her followers. The latter continue to remain speechless after the same has published a new work of art that is collecting an infinite amount of “likes” and comments of approval. If you really don’t believe us then we challenge you to stay with us and go all the way to see the photo. We can assure you that it will be really worth it. Waiting for their return home (and also to understand what the player who seems to be one step away from leaving Paris will decide to do), we show you the masterpiece signed by Wanda Nara.

Wanda Nara, shirt opens suddenly: bursting side ‘A’ – PHOTO

Wanda Nara (screenshot Instagram photo)

Sitting and relaxed while enjoying a local cocktail, the beautiful Wanda shows everyone her stunning look. Lightweight white trousers, a “leopard” top that really struggles to contain hers side ‘A’ important and needs no further comment. A jacket to cover the shoulders and above all that look that fixes the camera lens and that leaves us all truly speechless. Waiting for a new adventure from him, we greet you like this. Now go to her profile and leave her a nice “like” of approval.

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