the rapper’s response to the hater is sensational

the rapper’s response to the hater is sensational
the rapper’s response to the hater is sensational

Fedez is back. After the fear and the difficult moments related to pancreatic disease, for the rapper the smile returns to his face. And on social check that self-irony that has always distinguished him. Between curtains with his son Leone and gags with Tananai and Sara Mattei for the release of the new single “La Dolce Vita” which is a candidate to be the new hit of the summer, here is Twitter jokes about his relationship with Chiara Ferragni.

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A user, probably a hater, wonders in a tweet as the influencer Chiara Ferragni can stay with her husband, Fedez. And the rapper with irony shared the “chirping” again, adding “Me too”. As in any self-respecting relationship there are ups and downs and certainly two celebrities like Fedez and Ferragni are not excluded. But if love is strong it is consolidated also and above all in difficult moments. Just like the one just passed by the Ferragnez because of the pancreatic cancer that hit the rapper.

And, precisely for this reason, many respond to the user’s tweet with the video that that has moved the web quickly becoming viral. Fedez on the day of the release of his new single shared a tearful post in which he revealed that his new song, “La Dolce Vita”, was able to turn his microphone back on during the dark period of his illness. A period shared next to his wife, capable of supporting and heartening him when everything around him was black.

And in his latest single, with Tananai and Sara Mattei, he talks about a life that without love will never do him good. And the response to the controversial user is served. He has always wondered how Ferragni manages to stay with Fedez and the web replies: with love. The purest and most powerful force that can exist. Even when it comes to celebrities.

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