Damiano David and Giorgia Soleri: the family expands

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Fan of Damiano David, frontman of the rock band “Maneskin”, and of Giorgia Soleri in delirium: the family expands

Damiano Davidfrontman of “Maneskin“, The Roman rock band that has climbed the charts all over the world, and Giorgia Soleriinfluencer, writer and model, form one of the most glamorous couples in the Italian show business.

Giorgia Soleri and Damiano David-tipiu-08/18/2022

The two made their relationship official in May 2021 and since then, despite the morbid attention of the media and fans and rumors of crisis, they are more united than ever, so much so that, after a regenerating and romantic holiday in Puglia, they have decided from enlarge the family.

Yes, you read that right, Damiano and Giorgia have started a family, a new creature has entered their life but it is not a baby: the two, in fact, have adopted a abused six-year-old cat which were taken care of by the volunteers of the Feline Oasis of Pianoro, a municipality in the province of Bologna.

Damiano David, Giorgia Soleri and Ziggy

Damiano David, Giorgia Soleri and Ziggy-tipiu-08/18/2022

Therefore, Damiano David and Giorgia Soleri have adopted a cat and renamed it Ziggy in honor of David Bowie and his mythical alter ego Ziggy Stardust as the feline in question has eyes of a different color just like the late “White Duke”.


The two also left a message: “To the Feline Oasis in Pianoro. Thanks for what you do“. On the other hand, it is not the first time that the couple is interested in the structure in the province of Bologna: a few days laterfire that in October 2021 destroyed the Oasis, Damiano and Giorgia announced that they would have financed the reconstruction work of the structure as they actually did with a series of donations.

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Well, Damiano and Giorgia are really two cat lovers, so much so that they have adopted one that he did not eat and breathed badly because “he had a fractured palate (for this he did not eat and breathed badly) certainly due to a kick or another very violent blow, that the pains in his spine were caused by similar blows and that the missing hair and bruises around him in the neck were due to the fact that he had been kept chained or tied with a rope. We hope that what Giorgia and Damiano have done can be an example for many and that many other people decide to adopt adult cats with some small problems. Therefore… good life to Giorgia, Damiano and Ziggy Stardust “we read in the post with which the managers of the structure made the commendable gesture of Damiano and Giorgia public.

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